Network 21 launches a public podcast

Amway IBO support company Network 21 has officially launched a public podcast at A brief “intro” podcast was posted last month, but this week has seen the first “real” podcast, featuring an interview with Network TwentyOne founder, US Founders Crown Ambassador Jim Dornan. The podcasts can be listened to directly, or downloaded from the site or itunes (search for n21guy).

What I find most fascinating about this step is that the podcast is public. Numerous IBO organisations, including N21, had various online facilities for their IBOs, but little that is available for the prospect or other interested party surfing the ‘net to get a feel for life behind the scenes of a large Amway organisation. German Founders Crown Ambassadors Dr Peter & Eva Müller-Meerkatz have led the way with their regularly updated personal blog,, this N21 podcast site takes an innovative new approach. While both sites are obviously targeted to an IBO audience, I think it’s great that leaders are getting more and more proactive with getting a real, positive perspective on Amway on the ‘net for the googling public.

Have a listen and tell me what you think.

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  1. What a great business move. Posting information online for distributors, prospects, and the rest of the world to hear is really good news. I think it boils down to being transparent.

    Why keep everything secretive? I think you can attract better quality people by being upfront and transparent. In today’s internet world, more and more people are going to the internet to do their research before joining ANY company: even Amway.

    These podcasts can help the prospect hear or see both sides of the story, so they can make a better qualified decision about whether or not the business is a good fit for them.

    Good job Network 21. Hopefully, some of the other AMOs will follow suit.

    1. I’ve spent my idle, non-productive time digging through Chuck Holmes website. He is putting out excellent information for his downline. It is too bad he quit his Amway business. Since then he seems to have spent a good deal of time figuring out what it takes to be a successful network marketer. If he and others take his advice, a bright future is in order for all.

      1. Thanks for the kind words, Howard.

        Just to chime in, podcasting is a great way to build your business. For example, if you were focused on selling more Artistry products, you could have a podcast about beauty tips.

        You wouldn’t need to say Amway or Artistry anywhere in your podcast. Just let your listeners know that you offer a great product line for sale and all they have to do is contact you to learn more.

        In your podcast, provide the best quality content that you can about beauty tips. Over deliver an focus on providing value. Build up your audience and many, many people will contact you to learn more about what you are selling. It works!

        I do it in my own business with great success (no I am not an Amway rep).

    2. One of the issues with podcasts etc is that Amway (and in particular Amway legal) has been pretty paranoid about it, with fear of unsubstantiated income or health claims etc. They’re starting to loosen up a little but I think there’s still a way to go.

  2. I am fortunate enough to have attracted Network21 into my life. I have been in network 21 for over a year now, and to be honest due to personal issues that have occured in my family during the last year, i have been inactive and not been able to committ to building my Global Business and as a result of this unfortunately I have not made any money from my Amway Global Business. However; thanks to Network 21’s Continuing Education Program (aka C.E.P), monthly Business Development Seminars (aka B.D.S), Quarterly National Weekend Conferences (aka W.E.S), and tremendous one on one support and counselling from Leaders within the company; I have been able to achieve great personal development and growth within myself, my confidence and tenacity has lifted greatly but also at the same time i have learnt to always be humble… because of this I have achieved fast success in my 9-5 job, being promoted twice in 8 months. I achieved my first promotion only after 3 months of employment. Being a high school drop out and having people who have worked there longer, who were older with qualifications and degrees reporting to me was an experience i’ll never forget. All this was because of the education that Network 21 provides for me. I aquired management and leadership skills that was recognised by management of a company with 2500 employees. Although I have not been able to commit to building my Amway Business, the skills that i’ve aquired, the recognition, respect that i’ve achieved and most importantly the relationships that i’ve developed… to me is priceless! no money in the world could compensate for the person that i have become today. All this thanks to Network 21 and it’s leaders around the world. The best thing is even though i have not personally sponsored anyone into my business; because of the Network 21 system, the leaders that i am connected to have placed a number of Independent Business Owners directly into my team.
    I am also passing on the knowledge that ive learnt in my blog to help others increase their financial IQ and develop alternative streams of income.

    “Thank you Jim for setting up this public podcast, now people from around the world can plug into and research the company from the inside, creating more options in their lives!”


    Lam Nuwin
    Amway Business Owner

  3. great to learn about fantastic comments worldwide acclaim of
    crown ambassador Jim Dornan. WE ALL THERE TO WORK WITH JIM.

  4. Picked up on this on Twitter.
    Although not in N21 myself, I have always held Jim Dornan in high regard.
    Interview with Jim was interesting – biggest point to me was his talk at Willows where he did a meeting for a relatively new group. This connection top to bottom is I believe essential in keeping groups vibrant.
    Idea of making these public is great and a further step to remove the shroud of secrecy surrounding the business. A huge step forward – well done N21Guy (and N21 of course)!

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