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Network TwentyOne's Jim DornanLeader of Network TwentyOne, Founders Crown Ambassador Jim Dornan, this week sent out the following letter to N21 IBOs. One thing it makes publicly clear, for perhaps the first time, is that Network TwentyOne in North America is pursuing Quixtar Accreditation

Dear Network 21 leaders and IBO’s,

As most of you are aware, the company is continuing in their efforts to transform our great business into an even more powerful opportunity. The announcements of new products and a consumer focus, the new financial incentives totalling over $6 million dollars per year, the extensive investments in training and advertising ($2 million), as well as the on-going efforts to address issues regarding BSM/accreditation, and the proper positioning of such to assure maximum profitability of each IBO……all should lead to a wonderful future.
We at Network 21 have been engaged in the process of becoming one of the few "Accredited" support organizations as we believe this is the best way forward, and therefore have begun the process of communicating and fulfilling the requirements to assure you are provided the very best and highest quality materials and content as you build your business. This process is multi-faceted and involves proactive reminders to our members of the issues which affect reputation. We are living in a very regulated, and sometimes even "hostile" environment, where we do not want to be included in the ranks of those who place the reputation of this business at risk. We know you all agree.
You will be receiving some voice messages via e-mail (and can listen to them on the N21 site) as a part of this communication and accreditation process that are designed to assure the right principles are understood by all. You will not be "surprised" by the content and spirit of these as you have heard this all along from us. Some of you will be receiving random calls from an independent survey company to ask a few questions and see what level of awareness our group has of the issues. We are confident that you will have no trouble answering them.

It is our desire to go forward in the confidence that issues such as those addressed here are fully understood by our teams and that we are soon to be among those that lead the way into a better future. Thanks for participating in this process and thanks for being such great students and leaders.
Jim Dornan

I’ve also received some followup emails detailing N21 "Best Practices" which I’ll post at a later date. This is great news for Network TwentyOne affiliated IBOs. I’ve been a fan of the Quixtar Accreditation guidelines since they were first announced as I believe they address many (though not all) of the issues that have led to a large portion of the "complaints" highlighted on the Internet. To date, eFinity, MMP, and ProSystemOne are the only accredited systems (Team5K was accredited until it aligned with the then non-accredited TEAM). It was my feeling that for accreditation to truly "take off", it would require a "critical mass" of BSM companies supporting it, thus putting pressure on the non-accredited systems. Quixtar however has given some bite to accreditation by having an accredited training system part of the determination of being "in good standing" for receiving Quixtar’s discretionary bonuses, such as free trips, FAA points etc. As more systems take it on board this makes it easier for Quixtar to enforce this. Things could get very interesting for some of the other groups that may have to change some of their practices substantially to be accredited.

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