Network 21 vs the competition: a price comparison

subscribe to mailing lists from all sorts of network marketing and personal development companies. I like to know what’s going on, and I regularly purchase materials from these other companies, in addition to materials from Network TwentyOne, the BSM organization I use with my Amway business.

professor_charles_kingToday I received an invitation to a fantastic looking seminar in Oslo, Norway. Hosted by a company called Quality Seminars, it’s called a Network Marketing Leadership event, and there are two featured speakers – Tim Sales and Professor Charles King. Tim Sales, of, is a professional network marketer and trainer. Professor Charles King of the University of Illinois, is a marketing expert and more than a decade ago launched the first academic certification program about the industry.

Two fantastic speakers over two days in November. It’s been a while since I’ve visited Oslo, and quite frankly this sounds like an excellent seminar. The cost? The cheapest standard tickets (there is a discount if purchased early) are 3812 Norwegian Crowns (around US$603) for the two day seminar. Throw in airfares and accomodation, it’s still actually a pretty reasonable price for a professional business seminar. A tax deductable expense of course, too.

“Network Marketing Leadership” weekend seminar – 3,812NOK plus expenses

Jim Dornan, Network TwentyOneThis upcoming weekend, Network TwentyOne is holding a Weekend Seminar in Scandinavia, it’s over 3 days in Stockholm, but with breaks probably works out about the same number of total hours. The speakers? Well, there’s Jim & Nancy Dornan, leaders of Network TwentyOne, possibly the largest and most successful professional Network Markeing training organization in the world, and Quixtar Founder’s Crown Ambassadors in North America and Diamonds in numerous other markets. Jim Dornan is also a successful author, having cowritten books with renowned business and leadership experts such as Dr John C. Maxwell. Then there is Hans Nusshold, new Crown Ambassador from Austria, with one of the largest networking businesses in Europe. Then we have new Australian Crown Ambassador Peter Cox , who qualified as a new Triple Diamond, Crown Direct, and Crown Ambassador all in the same year – last year. Plus there’ll be speakers from Amway corporation, product displays and partner stores, and experts on various products, and numerous local IBOs from Amway Scandinavia and Europe.

“Network TwentyOne European Regional Conference” – 1,150NOK plus expenses

But hey, the Oslo event does include “Big lunch plate, baguett and something to drink.”! I hope it’s good food though – because if it’s bad, or the speakers are lousy, at the bottom of the website it says – “No Refunds”.

Now, the N21 seminar doesn’t include food, but if I think the seminar wasn’t worth it? Full Refund. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Having previously listened to and read and viewed materials from all of the main speakers at both events, I can unequivocally say that both events will be worth every cent, and I’m seriously considering making an effort to attend both of them! But in my opinion the N21 event will be a far superior one, for less than a third the price, and it has a satisfaction guarantee.

Absurdly, over on the Amway Media Blog, the Amway legal department said

The fact is that N21 does not have a market for its training outside the Amway sales force. It needs Amway IBOs to promote and sell its products for success.

No market for its training? No offence guys, but what rock have you been hiding under?

Here’s the promotional video for the Network Marketing Leadership event, some great information in it from two great speakers.

5 thoughts on “Network 21 vs the competition: a price comparison”

    1. N21 is freemasons? that’s hilarious! Where’d you get that idea? Not that that would be all that bad, I’m an atheist myself (and associated with N21) but have no problem the Christian-based Freemasons. N21 isn’t though, it has more of a connection with southern evangelicals than freemasons.

    2. Hi Slovenian guy. I just red your comment. How did you find out ?? It is supposed to be a secret ! Gosh, you must have very good sources of information. THANK you our SAVIOR. Just one question: Do you happen to know what Freemasons are? And please, give us more more detailed infrormation.

  1. I am an amway IBO an have attended many seminars and conventions, where every event gives me plenty of new information on making my business grow an are a great experience too. By the way these evens are completely refoundable!!!… and ive NEVER seen or heard of someone thinking it wasn’t worth every peny.

  2. Great Site.

    I like it specially the upcoming evnts on November 10 and 11 in Oslo Norway to be hosted by the two of the of the most respected experts in the industry.Prof. Charles King and Mr. Tim Sales.



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