New Nutrilite Advertisement featuring Asafa Powell

Great new Nutrilite/Nutriway video featuring Asafa Powell

A sensational comment was recently added by user pedrosolfier to one of the Asafa Powell/Double X videos I have up on youtube. It deserves repeating here –

I've got to tell you all my story. I am seventeen and I am a sprinter for Chapin High School, SC. Last season, my results where just awful – I had an 11.5 in the 1meter dahs and 23.8 in the 2meter dash, then I saw this video and decided to buy this stuff. That was amazing. In my work outs, my coach has timed myself and I got a 1.6 in the 1m and track season hasn't even started yet. I mean, I even fell better daily and I really can train for longer and give my full potential, etc.

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