New pro-Amway/Quixtar blog

A quite prolific poster over the last few weeks on the various sites relating to the TEAM vs Quixtar dispute has been a fellow going by the name "jthompson". If I’ve got the story right he’s actually a former IBO sitting out 6-months under the Quixtar non-compete clause so he can register in a different group. In otherwords, he’s doing exactly what TEAM IBOs could be doing instead of launching leg action all over North America.

"jthompson" has tended to say what he means and say it with gusto – indeed, sometimes little too much gusto! I gather some of his comments on the Alticor Blog didn’t quite get pass the moderator…

In any case, he know has his own blog, and he’s not being too shy their either. Even the name is a little, shall we say, provocative. Check it out –

TEAM "members" are launching new blogs on an almost daily basis, with much of it being repetitive material. It would appear to be a concerted effort to influence the "public image" on the internet. I’d encourage other IBOs to let their voices be heard and start their own blogs as well. If you do, let me know about it on the forums!

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