New Team Nutrilite Videos – Jenn Stuczynski

Over on the Team Nutrilite corporate blog, Melissa Charles has announced the posting of two new videos to Youtube. These are the first on the new Team Nutrilite youtube channel and I expect there’s more to come. The first two feature American pole vault record holder, Jenn Stuczynski.

The spots are due to air on ESPN during the Boston Indoor Games, which have been sponsored by Nutrilite. Interestingly, they refer viewers to rather than just the normal website. I’m not quite sure the reason behind the country specific branding, particularly when you consider that visiting the link just takes you to the main teamnutrilite website, where a Jamaican (Asafa Powell) and a Chinese (Liu Xiang) athlete are highlighted! A strange marketing decision to say the least.

Nevertheless, good spots, and I like the way the second one above talks about her “aiming high” with nutrition, and thus taking Nutrilite. Nice synergy!

Let Melissa know what you think about the spots over on the Team Nutrilite blog as well as course of discussing it in the forums here.

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