No news is good news!

I started this blog nearly a decade ago because I was sick and tired of encountering the same myths, over-generalizations and falsehoods about the Amway business all over the Internet. It became a “go to” place for news and discussion when various crises hit the company, and I think (hope) I contributed to raising the level of discourse about the company and opportunity.

Recently, frankly, there’s not been a lot to write about! The same old “critics” are still obsessively writing their same old claims, but they continue to get less and less attention. The press, when talking about Amway, rarely even mentions long discredited “pyramid” claims, and Amway itself has begun to do a good job in reporting news about the company from around the world with the Global News website, and the Amway Insider blog.

It was also almost a decade ago that Amway began what it termed a “transformation”, where there was more focus on the great products, more focus on a professional business approach. If coverage of the company in the media is any measure, it’s been a great success. The Truth About Amway really has started to spread.

So where to now with this blog? There’s been some significant developments in the world of MLM and network marketing, with Hedge Fund activist Bill Ackman attacking Herbalife, and the FTC acussing Vemma of being a pyramid scheme. These are topics I feel need professional, informed commentary. Should I post about them here? I’m undecided. What about issues with Amway? I think there’s a lot of things Amway still needs to improve, and I’ve made a few recent “critical” posts, but I don’t want the blog to just be a place for me to complain. I suspect there will likely be fewer and fewer new posts as we go forward.

Well done Amway, you’ve almost succeeded in making this blog obsolete. And I think that’s great! Keep it up.

29 thoughts on “No news is good news!”

  1. Let’s not leave out Latinoamérica,lots of Diamonds and above (even a crown embassador,Jose Bobadilla)tons of emeralds down to the level of Platinum and silvers

  2. No news or not, the vast majority of people are losing money in Amway and the biz-op is still a big scam. Can people make money? Yes, it is possible. Is it likely, no it is not. Even people who do the work end up getting hosed. That’s why there are hoards of former platinums and diamonds.

    1. Shane, if “the vast majority of people are losing money in Amway”, why then, when an independent body offered all IBO over a 10 year period compensation, including no questions asked cash compensation – hardly anyone asked for it? How do you explain that?

      1. People generally very seldom ask for compensation unless they feel the amounts are significant. In amway people dont lose big amounts of money (except rare cases) because its a busines that attracts mainly people needing additional income as their basic income is limited. Hence this bracket just dont have the capacity to lose big money.

        1. People don’t “lose money” when they buy products. They don’t “lose money” when they invest in their education. If they fail to use it, in a loose sense, they do lose it. (Think about the college drop-out, for instance.) If one buys a book and doesn’t read it, they have WASTED their money. If they don’t put to use what they have learned, they have WASTED their time. It is a BIG mistake to not use what one has learned. Understand this, knowledge may be “forgotten” but is NEVER lost.

          Inaction and lack of consistency will cause one to LOSE the opportunity to achieve. If one chooses to do something, they should commit to finishing it. Winners never quit…

          Responsible people accept full responsibility for all that they do and fail to do. When they “fail” at something, they keep trying until they succeed. They “fail” their way to success.

          For example, I failed three advanced math courses in college, retook them and earned my degree. Others might have used an “F” as an excuse to quit. My GOAL was to become a math teacher, and I did. The courses I failed had nothing to do with what I later taught. They did separate the quitters from the non-quitters. Earning a degree tells an employer you can be depended upon to finish what you start.

          Not everyone that starts college graduates; just as not every one that wants to have a “successful” (YOU define what success is!) Amway business will achieve that “success.” To most, success means being able to buy high quality Amway products at distributor cost. To some others it means earning an extra $200 to $500 dollars a month. To a few, it means achieving Platinum. Some want “enough money” for mother to stay home and raise her children. Success is defined differently for each.

          It takes work; hard, consistent work to achieve success; at anything – be it marriage, a job, a business, sports, you name it!

          Success come to those that truly want it; and are willing to put in the necessary effort to make it happen. That effort may include changing ones personality to a friendly, trusting, loving, unselfish, outgoing, optimistic one. It may mean drastically changing ones habits. The easy thing to do is to resist change; to do nothing. If one wants thing to change in their life, one must be willing to change things in their life. It is all a matter of choice.

          1. Is it possible to succeed at this ? Honestly. I am in need of diar change in my life and was an artist. Am an artist I guess but. I keep coming back to this idea. This amway seems like a good idea. Everybody is telling me it’s nkt though. Everybody I talked to says it’s a bad idea.

          1. The “apples” represent Amway while the “oranges” are the “support systems” that many IBOs were complaining about. Amway had no legal obligation to refund money the “system” leaders should have refunded. Amway agree to do so because of what the owners felt was a moral obligation to their distributors. Very few IBOs were willing to take their money.

            The point here is that it wasn’t Amway’s responsibility; it was the IBO “leaders” in the various system’s responsibility to honor their respective debts. For many of those who felt “cheated” it was the principle of the matter that was important. Why should Amway have to pay for the misdeeds of others? For the most part, Amway IBOs are honorable people.

            The sad part is: Many IBOs left the business because of the greed of their uplines. Amway also bore some of the blame for those leaders wanting to profit excessively from tool and ticket sales because Amway had raised their product prices so much that products in North America were in many cases not competitive with products sold in stores.

            After over 30,000 IBOs left when TEAM was “terminated”, Amway adjusted their compensation plan. Also, “systems” had to be accredited before they were allowed to function.

            By and large, product are once again competitive. IBOs are making retail sales more than ever. More IBOs are achieving Platinum with smaller organizations. Over 30 new North American Diamonds will be recognized for 2015, for example. (Korea, for the same period, had 60 new Diamonds and higher. China has had a number of new “Crowns” and higher. Europe, by and large, has not grown much. Each market is different.)

            Now is a good time to build a part-time Amway business on the side of whatever a person is doing full-time. BTW, there are plenty of people out there that will buy Amway products (once again); if only someone will contact them. Amway brand loyalty is still high; old customers and past IBOs just need a distributor to service them. Ask!

        2. People, I think we are mixing apples and oranges here. I believe the refunds mentioned dealt with people that felt they had “lost money” on “tools” they had bought.

          Amway offers no compensation for driving two hours to only find there was a “no show.” That was purely a business decision on the IBO’s (INDEPENDENT Business Owner) part. The application fee is refundable. There is a satisfaction guarantee on all products. That is as fare as Amway’s obligation goes.

          Now, if I drop a penny in the toilet, I’m not going to reach in and pluck it out. But I am frugal; so I reach in my pocket and pull out a quarter and toss it in. For a penny, no; for 26 cents, yes! What is my point here, Vincent? Do we see things the same way?

          1. Not sure if we agree or not. I was just making the point people dont necessarily take money or anything else just because its free. There is pride involved, there is distrust also. If you are saying that ibos who lost a bit of money would not necessarily run out to make a claim because of the amounts involved but would make a claim if they felt they lost a lot of money. Then our thoughts meet. Davids point that as nobody made claims then nobody made losses does not hold. Once my wife and i spent a night at a country hotel. The nearby church bell chimed every hour. I did not sleep all night. My wife moaned at each bell till 2 in the morning. Then fell a sleep. Next morning at breakfast she said to the waiter ´ luckily that church bell stops at 2 in the morning or we never would have got to sleep’

    2. Shane- There are “hoards” of former lawyers, bankers, cops, etc etc etc. If you use your brain and not just spit propaganda to explain to ALL why you quit the business even though it has continued to grow since you left whenever that was, you will see your assertions are for all businesses.

      If it didn’t work they wouldn’t be partnered with Nike, Sears, Under Armor, Starbucks, Visa etc etc etc. Turn your brain on. This will help you in the future.

      1. Kevin. Shane did’nt say it does’nt work. In fact he asked the question ´is it possible ´ and he answered ´yes it is ´

  3. Here is some challenging information for European IBOs:
    #16 Germany has a population of 82.7m
    #21 France has a population of 64.6m
    #22 UK has a population of 63.5m
    #23 Italy has a population of 61.1m
    Has Amway reached the saturation point in those countries? NO!!!
    Little South Korea (#27) has a population of 49.5m and well over 1000 Diamonds. They announce in August of 2015 that they had 37 new Diamonds qualify in that month alone. The UK has ONE qualified Diamond. France is totally stagnant. There is not much activity elsewhere. Today is the best time to really focus on building an Amway business. Work hard while others rest.

      1. David,
        Good point. Could it be creeping socialism? Korea is all about being in business for yourself. Responsibility!

          1. Interesting thought. Products should be similar. How are the products priced in your market? How does that compare to the rest of Europe? What is Network21’s thinking on the subject?

    1. You can work as hard as you like in some cultures but you are unlikely to get far in amway. Uk- there were nearly 30 diamonds in the uk and roi in 1983. I knew several of them. They worked hard and they were smart guys. All of them except one fell back to zero. In france practically the same story. Other mlms on the other hand are gaining momentum in those 2 countries and having been for a long time

  4. My suggestion is that never close this site. (Unless you migrate all information to a new domain). This site has helped me overcome objections with positive and negative information about the company and industry. Somehow I always end up at least thinking about this site… Thank you for the work… On the other hand, having information about other companies and the industry in general, coming from you, would be great. Don’t know if I’d use this domain for that.

  5. I heard Rich DeVos many times comparing Amway to other MLM’s and I think it is very useful to demonstrate the advantages of Amway, e.g. private ownership vs. publicly traded company (Herbalife and their recent fight with short seller Bill Ackman), stairstep breakaway plans vs. binary plans, etc.

  6. TTAA will remain a useful resource for those seeking good and accurate information about Amway.

    No, you do NOT need to comment on businesses like Vemma. Let your “friend” Joe**** do that. (He seems to have changed his focus, but not foul-mouthed Anna*****.)

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        You know that you had the talent as everyone does, but what was the information that you did not receive in order to be successful in the Amway business. So get back into the Amway business now. The answer is the take away or the elimination of prospective distributers . Do not have the mindset of ‘ I got me one ‘. Otherwise these people will burn up your time and energy. Set up the Goal of Diamond in two years (exact date and time) get back into your business with me
        ; use two tapes one on contacting and the approach and the other on interviewing for personally sponsoring and just concentrate on one circle with a 6 in it for Diamond and you have begun the process to be wealthy in 2 years. I need your very valued experience in my business from your attending seminars, functions and listening to and studying tapes. It was time and energy well spent from which we can both benefit being in business together. All that very valuable experience and knowledge which you gained is time and effort you don’t have to redo as you grow in your business with me, the right way with this secret of the correct mindset. It was not gained for no reason. Begin your journey again in the Amway business with this secret of mindset which was not revealed to you in your prior Amway business experience. Now YOU have the power of eliminating the prospect which creates the prospect to want to get into your business through fear of loss and NOT YOU having a fear of loss of a prospect and/or rejection. YOU HAVE THE POWER of your mindset of looking forward to eliminating the prospect and you then you have reversed the mindset and look to eliminating prospects daily so not to be wasting YOUR time. Then you teach them the same takeaway technique which you have in a positive mindset and are selective as to who gets into your business. This way you have the advantage of a positive mindset in the takeaway process. If the prospect gives you any flak for any reason you tell him/her that you are actually trying to eliminate him/her because INDEED you are so that you don’t waste your time later with them. And now you have the upper hand at all times ! Review the book – The Magic Of Thinking Big. Make a list of 101 goals to accomplish in your lifetime and 21 goals to be accomplished in the next year with a exact day and time for these goals to be accomplished. So let us start now. The right way this time. Steve Williamson. Text only please.
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