North American Founders’ Council – Who and what is it?

A week ago Quixtar, the North American Founder’s Council (NAFC), and the IBOAI released a joint statement regarding TEAM.

Since that statement I’ve seen numerous folk asking what the NAFC was, often claiming it was "mysterious" and "non-representative" and "why haven’t I (they) heard of it?"

Well, if they haven’t heard of it , that’s because they don’t bother reading information provided by Quixtar. How to become a Founders’ Council member is clearly outlined in the Quixtar Business Incentive’s brochure. I quote from the 27 version (may require Quixtar logon) –

Founders Council

Greet and be greeted by leaders from around the world at the Founders Council business conference. Leaders with 2 FAA points or more will receive an invitation to this international business forum where boundaries begin to blur and the flavor is decidely cosmopolitan.

This elite group will help develop strategic direction while enjoying exotic activities and locations such as Monaco’s Grand Prix, Ireland’s Ryder’s Cup, Las Vegas, and Pebble Beach.

Over on the new IBOAI blog the moderator has kindly responded to a query and named those North American IBOs who qualify for the Founders’ Council –

North American Founders Council (NAFC) is composed of the U.S. and Canadian Independent Business Owners (IBOs) who have the largest businesses, each with 2 FAA points or more. The current Founders Council members are Dexter and Birdie Yager, Bill & Peggy Britt, Jim and Nancy Dornan, Brad and Julie Duncan, Paul and Leslie Miller, Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear, and Tim Foley. NAFC meets periodically to provide feedback and insights to the company.

Clearly these are leaders with very large businesses, representing a large number of Independent Business Owners. They are not appointed, they are their purely on merit, and there’s nothing secret or mysterious about them.

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