Nothing much to say except ….

 ….. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though I suppose I should probably mention the reason for it. Amway is now a major triathlon sponsor, starting with the following four events –

  • Lake Placid, New York (Full): July 19–22
  • New York City, New York (U.S. Championships): August 8–11
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (World Championships – 70.3): September 6–9
  • Panama City Beach, Florida (Full): October 31–November 3

I used to compete in triathlons when I was younger. I’d love to get back in to them again, alas I left my bike behind when I moved countries. So Amway … if you ever … you know … wanted to thank me for helping win the internet war against Amway …. (and yes, I think we’ve won) …. just send me one of these! 🙂

More pics on the Amway US Facebook page

4 thoughts on “Nothing much to say except ….”

  1. Chance for many up-lines to push the down-lines hard for promoting this? Many IBOs spend, few IBOs make money through the ones who spend! Good for economy I guess 🙂

  2. I think it would be completely appropriate, and you can count me as one with his fingers crossed for you…

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