4 thoughts on “Nutrilite Double X and Asafa Powell”

  1. I don’t know about ‘feeling stronger’ as I don’t really work out lol! But what I can say without any biasness is that using Double X makes me more alert and energetic than all the other vitamins I have ever taken. Please note I do not work for Amway, I’m just a customer who, despite being hesitant about trying something new, is extremely pleased!

  2. Why would it not stand to reason that he feels stronger? If you got no sleep and then went to work out, am I to understand that someone saying they didn’t feel as strong as they did when they got sleep? Sounds logical to me to say you feel stronger one day than another.

    I personally have used the XS product and the energy level is definitely better, so if you have better energy, that to me would equate to better peformance, whether it’s working out, or simply at work. So whichever it is, your performance was better, which subjectively can be described as a “stronger” effort.

  3. It’s never a fallacy to say what people feel, it’s by definition subjective. Now, Double X certainly can’t make you stronger, but if it helps you train harder, it helps you gain strength. If it helps you utilise energy stores better, then it will make you *feel* stronger, and of course improve endurance, helping you maintain strength for longer periods.

  4. Its a falacy that people report ‘they feel stronger’. Strength comes from muscle repair which happens after stressing the muscle beyond its capacity. Simply taking doubleX cannot make you stronger.

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