NUTRILITE FACT: Nutrilite film wins award for “making positive contributions towards society”

Nutrilite’s film Perfect Balance this year won multiple awards from The International Visual Communication Association (IVCA). IVCA Awards are recognised internationally as marks of excellence for effective business communication in corporate video, live events, interactive media projects, business television and websites. In March 26, Nutrilite’s Perfect Balance won a Bronze Award in the Events and Public Display category.

On September 29, at the IVCA Clarion Awards ceremony, held at the The British Film of Academy and Television Arts (the organization that awards the British version of the Oscars), Nutrilite – Perfect Balance won the International Trade Award. From the IVCA website

The IVCA‘s Clarion Awards identify the very best communications, celebrate their achievements and promote their reach and impact. They look for examples of communication content – whatever its delivery platform – which make positive contributions towards society. Thirty outstanding examples of such work were featured at the recent ceremony presented at BAFTA before a capacity audience. Leading figures from both the mainstream and corporate media industries attended the event which was endorsed by both Ian Pearson The Minister of State and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. IVCA Champion Awards were presented to Gary Withers the Chairman of Imagination, Julia Cleverdon the Chief Executive of Business in the Community and Vernon Ellis, The International Chair of Accenture.

These awards continue a golden run for Alticor and Quixtar and Amway IBOs in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. In September, Amway China won a Corporate Social Responsibility Innovation Award from the Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce and IBO Organization Network TwentyOne received a World Vision Achievement Award. In 25, Alticor was awarded a 25 Corporate Citizenship Award by the US Chamber of Commerce and Amway Europe was honoured by UNICEF Goodwell Ambassador and actor Roger Moore for their contribution to UNICEF’s child immunization programs as part of Alticor’s One by One campaign.

Nutrilite – Perfect Balance is screened at the recently opened Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health and is also available on DVD through some Amway affiliates. The film is 17 minutes long, here are four minutes of highlights for your enjoyment.

Nutrilite products, marketed as Nutriway in some markets, are exclusively available from Amway and Quixtar Independent Business Owners.

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  1. Hi there! I am very happy to see the film Nutrilite – Perfect Balance, since i myself want to advocate bio-dynamic agriculture, not only organic, in Finland and as my son and I both are IBO’s this is very encouraging!

    thank you for this site!

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