Nutrilite (Nutriway) tops Consumer Survey again.


Consumer Labs has reported that Nutrilite supplments (marketed as Nutriway in some countries) have again topped their survey of consumer satisfaction. While the actual 2007 survey results for individual companies was not revealed, Consumer Labs states –

“Nutrilite … received the highest overall satisfaction rating both as a brand and merchant.”

In 2006 Nutrilite topped the survey with an amazing 96% consumer satisfaction rating. Nutrilite and Nutriway products are exclusively available from Amway and Quixtar Independent Business Owners.


2 thoughts on “Nutrilite (Nutriway) tops Consumer Survey again.”

  1. I will say that the Double X vitamin made by Nutrilite is by far the best product I have taken when it comes to vitamins; I have found more energy daily when I take this multivitamin pack; when I dont take it for about a week or so I feel tired like I used to. I am glad I promote this product and use it daily for my nutritional needs and energy.

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