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As an IBO outside of North America, I find the following letter from Quixtar kind of amusing, but I’m sure it was a little stressful for some Quixtar leaders!

Dear IBO Leader:

As you know, Quixtar launched QUIXTAR® University last month to allow Independent Business Owners (IBOs) access to online training to help them learn more about our products, brands, and business and help them achieve greater success.

Quixtar shares its learning management system with sister company Amway. We learned this weekend that some QUIXTAR IBOs received messages intended for AMWAY® IBOs who had completed similar training in other markets. The automated messages carried the subject line "Welcome to Amway" and included text that the recipient IBO had completed "Welcome to Amway" training.

We apologize for any confusion these messages may have caused and have ensured that future notification messages will include the appropriate QUIXTAR subject line and training information. Any IBO who received this notification will receive a correction email explaining this error.

Since its launch in September, tens of thousands of IBOs have "enrolled" in QUIXTAR University and taken advantage of our first courses to help them acquire knowledge and skills to improve their businesses. You can visit Quixtar University at www.quixtaruniversity.com


Steve Lieberman
Managing Director – Quixtar

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