Prague conference update

Well, back home after participating in the blogging panel at the Alticor Global Communications conference in Prague. Frankly – I’m exhausted! … and I only had a 2 hour flight home, I feel for my blogging colleagues all having to fly back to the US. And I have *no idea* how Robin Luymes has managed to do so many Prague Blog updates!

Meeting the other bloggers and commenters – Bridgett, Big Apple, Tex, and Dave Robison (as well as a brief surprise guest apperance from Prague local, SP75!) – was a great experience, as was the chance to meet many of the corporate staff.

They’re all truly good people and I was honoured to be invited to spend time with them. But I think we also discovered an interesting phenomenon …. you know how sometimes these sites can just suck your time away? You just end up in a conversation and before you know it, hours have past?

Guess what? It happens in real life too!

Put people with a passion for a topic in a room, or a hotel lobby or a restaurant or even walking down the street (Big Apple and Bridgett in particular!) – it doesn’t matter if they’ve never met “in real life” before, the conversation flows and the minutes and hours disappear until you have to make yourself walk away, just like pressing the elusive “sleep” button on your computer.

I’ve actually been ill for a couple of weeks, so that failure to find the sleep button on myself the last few days have taken their toll this afternoon and evening, so I’ll be resting up for a few days before I update some more on the conference.

In the meantime, for those of you who celebrate easter, may you and your families have a great weekend!

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