Pro baseballer Alex Rameriz on XS Energy Drink – “It’s just unbelievable!”

Alex Rameriz is a pro baseball player with the Yomiuri Giants pro-baseball team in Japan, the current champions and known as “The New York Yankees of Japan”. He played three seasons in the Major Leagues in the US, with the Cleveland Indians and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Apparently he’s been playing exceptionally well the past year. Have a look what he told The Japan Times

Yomiuri Giants slugger Alex Ramirez is feeling better than ever. Ramirez has had an extra spring in his step this year and he’s crediting a little bottle he says packs a big punch.

Ramirez has taken to drinking energy drink Xs, which he said has him feeling better and is aiding his training this spring.

“It’s just unbelievable,” Ramirez said of his newfound secret that he said he found through Amway. “Before the game, that’s what I drink. Last year I was taking Black Powder. But I feel the difference between this and the other things. It’s unbelievable.”

Ramirez said he was especially pleased because the drink helped him keep his energy levels high, as opposed “to feeling that low after a while” that comes from caffeinated drinks.

5 thoughts on “Pro baseballer Alex Rameriz on XS Energy Drink – “It’s just unbelievable!””

  1. This Rampagin Numerologist would disagree. The way it works is you sign up for Amway. Then you pressure your friends to do the same, if they don’t, you are not allowed to talk to them anymore. You buy cases of product, like XS, for high prices, then you sell them to people. But, who wants to buy a case of an energy drink? So, you have to find more people to get into Amway to buy the product. So, you have signed up, you have this product and the only people who will buy it are other Amway folk who are below you in rank. That is how they get their sales. Very genius, but it is hardly as much of a market share as Redbull or even Rockstar. Do they even have XS at a convenience store?

    1. You’re making about as much sense as numerology – ie, none at all. The whole point of something like Amway as a business is to have quality products not available in the store. Ideally, unique products. Spend a moment in research and you’ll discover that XS Energy drinks are quite a different products to Redbull and Rockstar.

      At least your consistent, there was pretty much nothing in your post that remotely resembles how to build an Amway business. Try again.

      1. clearly, he/she has not seen’s traffic rankings.

        not nearly as much marketshare? i beg to differ.XS LLC has been ranked #12 consistently with no change ahead of industry giants such as Starbucks,Lipton,Crunk EnergyDrink,Hype EnergyDrink, Kambucha(with all its hype)…

    2. If you don’t know the facts you just make it up.
      You invent a nice story to go with your attitude but none of it is true. Too bad!

  2. I know that we are literally prohibited by law to say that our products will heal illnesses, so all I can say is how they benefit me.

    I woke up Friday morning with a sore throat, congestion, and aches and pains all over the place. I started taking ibuprofen, cough syrup and rubbing Vicks all over me. No matter what I did, nothing helped. Finally, I drank some XS. I couldn’t believe the difference. My nasal passages cleared up and within a short time, my throat wasn’t nearly as sore.

    XS is like Double X; I think that the products are so good and so far ahead of their time, I don’t think we even know all of the health benefits those products provide.

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