Proctor & Gamble vs Amway case finally over

The seemingly neverending Proctor & Gamble satanism case is finally over. Amway was dismissed from the case long ago but after numerous courts in numerous states and numerous appeals, 4 (now former) distributors (including Randy Haugen) were finally found guilty of damaging P&G’s business and fined over $19 million dollars.

On November 24 the court was notified they have settled and the case is over.

3 thoughts on “Proctor & Gamble vs Amway case finally over”

  1. No problem. I did just try to have a more informative name, but the maximum characters were met.
    For clarity, I do not claim to have any official connection with the Amway or related companies, the blog is a personal interpretation of my interactions with said companies.

  2. Interesting read. Good to see you cover both sides of the Amway story. I may not agree with everything you present about these networks, but we’re all entitled to an opinion, and I do enjoy your site and well written information.

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