Profiles of the American Dream: Amway

A decade ago a documentary was produced entitled Profiles of the American dream: Rich DeVos, Jay Van Andel and the remarkable beginnings of Amway. You can occasionally pick up a copy of it on video on ebay, but these days it’s generally hard to come by. Well, by the wonders of the internet, it showed up recently on Google Video. From the description –

This segment in the PROFILES OF THE AMERICAN DREAM series provides a candid look into the origins of the fascinating and often times controversial Amway phenomenon. Starting as two young veterans in post-WWII Michigan, DeVos and Van Andel began their business with little more than an idea, a few basic products and a fervent belief in the free enterprise system. Over the next 5 years they would revolutionize the direct sales industry and build an empire that would extend around the world.

It’s a well produced documentary which provides an insight into both Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel as well as the origins of Amway. It’s probably a great video to watch for Quixtar IBOs nervous about the name change to Amway over the next few years! Amway is a name we should be proud to promote.

The video is a little under 4 minutes long, but worth the watch. Enjoy.


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