QBOB is here!

Not to be confused with the somewhat infamous Microsoft Bob, QBOB is the Quixtar Business Opportunity Brochure, replacing the SA-44 as a new "leave behind brochure" from September 1st, 27. Like Microsoft Bob, QBOB has seen a deal of controversy before it’s even been officially launched.


Well … it dares to mention the A-word ….. yes …. Amway!

This bold move has upset a number of Quixtar IBOs, who for some years have preferred to keep the Amway<->Quixtar link a secret from prospects as long as possible. Back in May, as first flagged on this site, Alticor/Quixtar took the decision to move forward with one global brand from 29 – and that brand will be Amway.

To some, flagging the name change early is akin to a public announcement that Quixtar is Amway, which, as many of us know can cause some prospects to run screaming down the driveway. Yes, it’s going to make for some additional challenges, but assuming the corp. comes through with some of the other promised marketing changes I think long-term this is a good move.

Check out the brochure (click the image below) yourself and let me know what you think.

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