Quixtar 2006 Sales Data is out!

Quixtar sales data has been released!  Calendar year sales increased 2.2% over 25.  This report shows calendar year reporting and suggests Quixtar has also transitioned from a FY ending in 31 August to calendar year reporting, following parent company Alticor's lead.

Some great numbers from the report include:

–  IBOs earned $37.1 million in bonuses and other incentives in 26, up from $35.4 million in calendar 25

–  IBOs generated $84.6 million in revenues for Quixtar’s online Partner Stores, an increase of 9.1 percent from $75.5 million in calendar 25. 

–  Quixtar’s online sales in 26 were $88 million, up 1% from calendar 25 online sales of $8 million.

Read the press release for other good statistics and information.

In addition, the Quixtar Opportunity Zone has been officially launched.  You will find blogs, commentary and perhaps videos of Quixtar employees and executives.  In addition to the previous three blogs tagged to the Opportunity Zone project, and new blog, Adatudes, has been added with Jim Payne leading off in a video introduction and initial blog post.  Keep your eye on this site for great insider information from those at Quixtar!

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