Quixtar 2006 sales results – some hints

Quixtar IBO Association InternationalThe IBOAI website has an article from the Jan/Feb edition of Achieve magazine and it has some interesting comments –

In the future, observers will mark 26 as not only a successful year for this business but a pivotal one as well. Successful because 26 was another billion-dollar sales year. 

Quixtar 25 sales were $1.58 billion . Another billion-dollar sales year indicates that sales were flat or increased. Some gossip around the internet has suggested sales of $1.5 billion, but frankly I find that hard to believe, and I'm sure if true would have lead to a more interesting post than the above. The achieve article continues –

And because achievement at all levels – from the new IBO Crown Ambassador – remained strong, including increased numbers of IBOs qualifying for Achievers Invitational, Diamond Club, and Peter Island.

Jim DornanA new Crown Ambassador? Now that IS news. Perhaps they mean Jim Dornan , founder and leader of IBO Organization Network TwentyOne, who qualifed as a new Founders Crown Ambassador? Still, increased numbes of qualifiers for the events indicates growth. So much for all the gloom and doom of some critics!

Official Quixtar sales data should be out soon , but if anyone attended Achievers or can squeeze the info out of their upline, let me know ! If you've got a had copy of Achieve, I'd love a scan Cool

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