Quixtar -> Amway changes – Bill Britt responds

I've received a copy of an audio ("kate") message Bill Britt has sent out to his organization this week in response to the announced changes of Quixtar becoming Amway and other potential changes including additional and increased bonuses. Click on the play button below to listen to.


Apart from the obvious comments regarding the name changes and bonuses, there was one additional thing that struck me about Bill Britt's message. Regarding keeping up to date with information, he said something along the lines of "i'm sure you can get it on the blogs on things". Why was this interesting? Well, many critics of Amway and Quixtar, and in particular critics of the various "systems", including some IBOs, have expressed their opinion that the "system leaders" would be threatened by the launch of the corporate blog sites, and that they would "hide" them from their IBOs.

Yet here we have the leader of one of the largest US-based systems talking as if he actively encourages BWW IBOs to read these blogs. Sounds like yet another MYTH BUSTED.

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