Quixtar and Amway IBOs – How you can help Fight Back!

If you're an active IBO, you've no doubt noticed that a number of sites critical of Amway and Quixtar are ranked very highly on the search engines. Indeed, on Google six of the links that show on the first page of a search for Quixtar are to sites critical of Quixtar, and four critical sites appear for a search on Amway. How do they get so high? Well, google has a number of algorithms for deciding search engine rankings, many of them secret. However, it is known that having other sites link to your site will increase your ranking, particular if those sites and those links are directly relevant to the search term. So for example, a link like this – go here to get the Facts about Quixtar will help pagerank more than a link like this – go here to get the Facts about Quixtar, since the link includes the keyword "Quixtar".

Researching around the 'net I've discovered that Amway and Quixtar critics are quite good at this. This site for example actively encourages people to setup "link farms" to anti-amway anti-quixtar websites. The "anti-mlm anti-amway" webring tries to do the same thing. If you review anti-quixtar and anti-amway websites, you'll also see they have link lists linking to each other, but sites such as Get The Facts – the Truth About Amway and Quixtar are not linked, indeed, some of them even go out of their way to remove links to this site if it's used in their comments (ironically one site doing this censorship is run by a fellow using the moniker "Truth"!)

So, what can we do to fightback? The same! Anywhere you might engage in talk about Amway or Quixtar, on your own websites, or on other blogs or forums, link to pro Amway and Quixtar sites, including this one, wherever it is relevant. If possible, include the terms "Amway" or "Quixtar" in the link itself. if you're linking to this site and discussing Amway, you might want to use http://www.thetruthaboutamway.com, if discussing Quixtar, use http://www.thetruthaboutquixtar.com. If an article directly addresses the issue you are talking about, link straight to it. You can get the appropriate link code by clicking on the "permalink/more" link at the bottom of each article and then cutting the URL from the Address bar of your browser.

For example, the URL for the article FACT: Nutrilite/Nutriway tops survey in customer satisfaction is –


You may want to remove the lang,en/ part at the end. If the link is like this instead –


The second link will automatically direct the visitor to a page translated into their language, if it is available.

Don't just setup meaningless link farms as the "critics" do, link to whatever site or article is relevant to what you are talking about, and promote useful sites that you'd like your prospects seeing on the search engines that aren't already there. Sites like the Quixtar Inc home page, ThisBizNow, which has lots of great statistics about the Amway and Quixtar business and Quixtar Facts which has lots of great facts about Quixtar.

See, it's easy! Cool

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