Quixtar begins product advertisements

By now you’ve probably seen the Quixtar/Amway Global Now You Know TV and print advertisements. Well, a week or so ago Quixtar begin a new phase in it’s marketing push, with a “direct response” campaign promoting Nutrilite Brainiums DHA supplements for children. As well as the Television advertisement (below) there are direct mail and print ads for Brainiums and Nutrilite.

Interestingly, in the IBO area of the Quixtar website it says –

To fully leverage the national exposure and attention these key products will receive, make your status as a Quixtar IBO known! You can advertise yourself in local newspapers, bulletins, or play programs – anything that people in your area turn to for news or information.

It goes on to give contact information for getting ads reviewed and approved, but it’s been a long time since Amway/Quixtar has publicly encouraged IBOs to advertise in newspapers! If anyone has an example of an “approved” ad, I’d love a copy.

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3 thoughts on “Quixtar begins product advertisements”

    Guess the Quixtar thing sucked so bad they pretty much dropped it. Hope more find out the truth about this not really a business please spend all your money on tools scam.

    1. so let me get this piece of brilliant logic … something sucks and is a scam because YOUR upline was clueless? Your upline out of how many possible millions of upline?

      Amway has advertised many times in the past, anyone who thought they (or online versions) never would was simply ignorant.

      Quixtar was not “dropped” at all, they simply decided – sensibly in my view – to merge Quixtar back into the Amway family. Given much of the rest of the Amway world had move to an online model it didn’t make much sense to have two different brands.

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