Quixtar Diamond Greg Johnson resigns?

Following on from the resignations and terminations of the Team affiliated diamonds, then the "non renewal" of IBS (Harteis) affiliated Diamonds in the UK and early this month reports of the resignation of Diamonds Jerry & Polly Harteis (Jerry is Double Diamond Fred Harteis’s brother), I’ve heard today that Quixtar Diamond Greg Johnson apparently resigned last week.

Back at the beginning of October I reported that I’d received reports that a Harteis affiliated US Diamond had been soliciting South African Amway IBOs for a new gambling affiliated MLM apparently under consideration by former UK Diamonds Jerry & Mandy Scriven.

That Diamond was Greg Johnson
– so, needless to say, reports of his resignation come as no surprise. I wouldn’t be surprised if the resignation followed a "please explain" from the corp.

Other sources tell me Double Diamond Fred Harteis is still fully on board the Quixtar opportunity, as does Harteis himself. Could be an interesting Thanksgiving for the Harteis clan …

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