Quixtar Diamonds Jerry & Polly Harteis Resign?

Scott Larsen published the letter below from Quixtar Diamonds Jerry & Polly Harties announcing their resignations from Quixtar. Jerry Harteis is brother to Double Diamnd Fred Harteis and Larsen originally published that Fred Harteis had resigned (it’s still described as such in the title header of his page). Given Larsen’s penchant for inaccuracies, one could wonder whether any of this is true, however their resignations would be of little surprise, with I believe much of the Jerry & Polly Harteis business having disappeared with the IBS Diamond terminations in the United Kingdom. Indeed, to be honest I’m surprised Fred Harteis is still around. Will that last?

Date: Thu, 1 Nov 27 11:14:38 -4
Subject: Quixtar/Amway Business

Dear Friends:

Jerry and I have been in our Amway/Quixtar business over 3 years. During this time, we have gained tremendously from the leadership training programs,the continuing education audios and books that were recommended. Indeed, these programs allowed us to achieve significant measures of success both in our Amway/Quixtar business and in other business/work ventures.

Quixtar has made some recent business decisions concerning future operations which are very disturbing to us. For years we promoted that the one key factor which distinguished our business from all others was the integrity of managment and the fact that no decisions were made without approval by the IBOAI board. The IBOAI board was comprised of Independant Business Owners (IBOs) and was established to insure that the financial interests of IBOs would never be compromised by management decisions.

A short time ago, Quixtar came up with new plans for its U.S. business which the IBOAI board determined would be detrimental to each Independant Business Owner. Regardless, Quixar ignored the board recommendations and decided to implement their new policies. As a matter of principle, many of the IBOAI board resigned. People who had spent many years building their businesses were summarily terminated and it appears that Quixtar is now running a smear campaign against them.

The fact that Quixtar/Amway management were willing to violate one of their founding principles leaves us questioning what other changes may be in store for the future. Current new policies include reverting back to the Amway name, refocusing all IBO’s toward a mostly (if not all) retail business and overseeing/ controlling all business support materials and training meetings.

Additionally, the IBOAI board had been repeatedly asking for more price-competitive product lines since the internet had leveled the playing field with regard to product availability. Those requests have gone unheeded.

We will continue to build the personal and leadership development portion of our businessas we feel there is tremendous value to those who make use of it, however we cannot in good conscience continue to build or promote the Quixtar/Amway business. As such, effective November 1, 27, we will resign from Quixtar/Amway. We intend to honor the Amway/Quixtar six-month-inactivity rule and not pursue any competing business before that time period ends.

We appreciate each and every one of you and wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Love, Jerry & Polly

UPDATE: apparently this was first posted on the freetheibo blogs and has since been pulled. Team and the Harteis family seem to have a history of communication problems ….
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4 thoughts on “Quixtar Diamonds Jerry & Polly Harteis Resign?”

  1. Jerry and Polly are true and honest people. Amway however, may not be. How does someone invest 30 yrs in a business, become a millionaire, and then resign? Makes you wonder about Amway! These people, and I’ve spent hours and hours with them, are genuine, honest folks. They deserve better than this! Best wishes to you Jerry, Polly, Fred, Linda, and all others dupped by the Amway corp. The un-ending tv ads by this company only prove their desperation to get people “IN”.

    1. One resigns because you think you can get a better deal elsewhere. That doesn’t necessarily mean the deal you had was a bad one, just that you think you have a better alternative. Amway didn’ terminate them or request they resign, so I’m not exactly sure why you’re attacking Amway over it.

      1. Amway has terminated so many it is discusting that you give your life to a company whether as a business owner or an employee and then they terminate you because you say what they don’t want people to hear.

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