Quixtar IBOAI confirms they were not consulted

There's been some discussion on the forums about how much the corp has consulted with IBO leaders about the decision to revert to the Amway name in North America. Well, today the IBOAI, the group of IBO leaders that is elected to represent IBOs, has confirmed they were not consulted about the move. From www.iboai.com

IBOAI Board Reacts to Alticor Transition Plans

Alticor Inc., parent company of Quixtar Inc., has announced major business transformation plans. Alticor Inc. has confirmed the transformation with various media including the Associated Press (AP). According to the AP story, “Direct-sales giant Alticor Inc. will phase out its Quixtar Inc. label during the next 1 1/2 to two years and rebuild its Amway Corp. brand in the United States and Canada.” The story cites a memo from company Chairman Steve Van Andel and President Doug DeVos distributed to U.S. employees last week, which explained: “The realities of a crowded and competitive global marketplace have made us realize that we need to 'fly one flag' to put significant resources behind establishing one opportunity brand wherever we do business. That brand will be Amway, in North America and all over the world."

The timing of this business transformation is projected to take place within the next 18-24 months.

Your Board Shares Your Surprise

You should know this news came as a shock to us, too, in the form of a surprise announcement at a Founders Council meeting a few days ago. We were not consulted ahead of time and were not part of the decision. We are sorting through the details and trying to figure out how this affects all of our businesses.

Please rest assured that the IBOAI remains an active advocate for all IBOs. We work tirelessly and proactively to maximize your opportunities for success. We will continue to protect and promote your interests and will remain in close contact with you as more details of the transition become available.

We encourage you to send us your comments!

We understand the confusion this may cause and are in discussions with the Corporation over the transformation. We encourage you to send us your thoughts and concerns via e-mail at pr@iboai.com.

I encourage all Quixtar IBOs to let both the corp and the IBOAI  know what they think about the decision. The log files of this site indicate that they review this site on a daily basis as well, so you may also want to Post a comment below or Discuss this post on Amway Talk

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