Quixtar launches Artistry Essentials

Artistry Essentials Skin Care from Quixtar and AmwayQuixtar has started accepting orders for the new Artistry Essentials line of cosmetics products. Following the lead of the Simply Nutrilite products, Artistry Essentials are designed to be an easier to retail complement to the premium Artistry range. Artistry Essentials consists of two product categories –

          * Artistry Essentials Skin Care
          * Artistry Essentials Makeup

Artistry Essentials Skin Care replaces the existing Daily Skin Care Systems, which will be phased out.

Like the existing skin care system, the products are available individually or a "system" pack of cleanser, toner, and lotion. As an extra incentive, each purchase of the whole system includes a free Artistry travel bag.

The Essentials "system" line is priced with a suggested retail price (SRP) in the United States of $47., a drop of nearly 25% from the price of the current Daily Skin Care Systems. While obviously this will aid Quixtar IBOs market the Artistry range at full retail price, it may come as a disappointment to those (of which I’m not one!) who wanted Quixtar to instead enter the "discount" market and compete with Wal-Mart. Indeed, according to Quixtar’s competitive pricing information, the new Artistry Essentials Skin Care products are priced exactly in line with a set of similar products from Clinique® – another of the independently assessed "prestige brand" category too which Artistry belongs.

The Artistry Essentials Skin Care range also includes an anti-blemish product, vitamin replenishing serum and a skin soothing creme.

Artistry Essentials Makeup Kits from Quixtar and AmwayArtistry Essentials Makeup is obviously designed to simplify the decision making process for both buyers and sellers. It consists of three separate makeup kits, each designed for specific skin tones – light, medium, and dark. Each kit contains –

          * 1% pure mineral foundation concealer
          * color quad for eyes and cheeks
          * lip shine
          * mascara
          * face and eyeliner brushes

The Suggested Retail Price for the whole kit is $59 in the United States. Though skincare and cosmetics is not my area of expertise, I’ve always considered the Artistry product range to be very price competitive with other brands competing in the same market space. Like Nutrilite however (but in my opinion to a lesser extent) Artistry still required a certain level of expertise for a new IBO to be able to confidently market the products, especially with the makeup range.

Artistry Essentials seems to be another step in fulfilling Quixtar’s promise to provide more products that are easier for the IBO, and particularly the new IBO, to sell to consumers at full retail price.

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