Quixtar to allow Event sales

I heard about this awhile back but have now received official "confirmation". From March, Quixtar is to allow IBOs to do "event sales", for example selling Nutrilite products at Health Expos, Artistry at Bridal Shows, XS at a football match, that type of thing. In the Event Sales Rule Change FAQ, Quixtar says –

1. Why does Quixtar want to allow retail sales at booths and temporary sporting events?

* It is Quixtar’s goal to create an environment that fosters and encourages product selling as a integral part of a healthy business. This includes removing barriers to selling, and providing tools, training, and support related to product selling.

* This aligns with the First Circle goal of helping IBOs at all levels make more money sooner as well as providing easy access to products by consumers.

* This sends a message to all IBOs that selling product to non-IBO customers is encouraged and is the healthiest and most sure way of earning money earlier.

* Allowing product sales at approved venues will provide greater exposure of Quixtar exclusive branded products, making it easier for IBOs to sell these recognized brands.

* Many of our growing competitors offer a similar program.

The program is currently limited to Health & Beauty products, and IBOs must apply for approval. IBOs with approval must display the Quixtar approval at their booth, so that other IBOs may know it is authorized. Interestingly, the FAQ does note that IBOs may sell at whichever price they choose, and that Quixtar itself will not limit the number of partipants at any particular event, instead choosing to leave that concern to the event organizers.
In my opinion this change is well overdue. It provides further exposure of the business and products to the market place, as well of course making it easier to be profitable earlier. I could imagine that teams of IBOs may be able to join together to staff such events, sharing the profit and PV and benefiting all.

Read the FAQ here (pdf)

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