Quixtar transformation: Amway Global

During Achievers a few weeks ago, IBO leaders had the opportunity to preview the new business name and logos being used as Quixtar is merged back into the global Amway business. The Quixtar logo will be "transformed" into the Amway logo in three stages. The first begins in March 28 where the Amway logo will be added to the base of the Quixtar logo.

Quixtar with Amway logo

I’m guessing the "global" part has been added to help placate Quixtar IBOs and remind them of the benefits of being part of the larger Amway global family. 5 months later, in September 28, the Amway logo will take the more prominent position.

Amway with Quixtar Logo

Finally, in May 29 the logo will simply be –

Amway Logo

In conjunction with the transformation, media and public relations efforts will also being in March of 28.

I’m not sure how Quixtar IBOs view it, but this feels to me a very fast transformation. Given the goal of a unified name for the 5 year celebrations I guess there is no other way but fast! Reading around various websites a lot of IBOs seem a little fearful of the name change, but I think the fear is a little misplaced. Through the wonders of the internet I keep track of the Amway and Quixtar names in everything from news reports to blog posts and forums. When the "Amway" name arises in places that are not habitually occupied by the known Amway/Quixtar critics there’s normally a couple of folk who simply claim "scam", but there’s usually more folk who say things like "good products, great company, tried it once and enjoyed my experience, but wasn’t for me".

It’s our responsibility as IBOs to ensure that over the next 5 years those positive experiences far, far outweigh the negative.

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