Quixtar transformation to Amway begins

Quixtar’s public transformation into part of the Amway Global family has now begun, with the Amway Global logo now being displayed alongside a Quixtar North America logo the Quixtar home page.

Back in November, 2006 I wrote a blog post titled A Message to Quixtar, Inc from Amway Australia, in which I included the following video which had recently been published by Amway Australia –

I followed with –

This is a lesson I think Quixtar needs to listen to. Why? Well, first, Amway home page and scroll to the bottom – you will find a link titled Amway Sister Company : Quixtar Inc which links to the Quixtar-inc home page. Now, go to the home page of Quixtar – you’ll find a link Quixtar Sister Company. No mention of Amway. Visit Quixtar Facts – same thing. Quixtar News Room, Quixtar Easter Seals, Quixtar History, This Biz Now – same, same, same, same. Why is this, Quixtar? Are you ashamed to be associated with the most successful multi-level marketing company in the world ?

A few days later, Quixtar Director of Communications Beth Dornan, responded with a post Not ashamed of Amway, outlining the relationship between Quixtar and Amway and admitting to some nostalgia for Amway amongst longer-term employees. I asked in a comment in that blog if there were plans to resurrect the Amway name in the US. Beth deftly responded without answering.

Now, I’ve no idea if it was planned then or not, but in May 2007 I hinted about the news that become publicly confirmed in June – Quixtar was to become Amway.

Amazingly, even since the transformation became public, announced on Quixtar and on Quixtar Blogs, I’ve still seen  IBOs around the internet deny a connection between Quixtar and Amway. Now, in the past it has been correct to say Quixtar is not Amway, but it has never been correct to deny any connection and say they’re completely different – they’re not. In 2008 however Quixtar is becoming Amway, so to try to limit, minimize, or even deny a connection is specious to say the least. A moment’s internet research by a prospect will lead to them discovering they’ve been lied to. A great way to build a business relationships – “join with me in building a great business! By the way, as you’ve just learned, I can’t be trusted!”


Wth Stage 1 in place, the Amway name is clearly at the top of the Quixtar website. In 5 months, stage 2 will occur and Amway will become the more prominent name. In a year, Quixtar will be consigned to the history bin

One day I hope we can consign deceitful IBOs to the same place.

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