Quixtar Transformation: Update from the IBOAI

from www.iboai.com

A Special Meeting of the IBOAI Board of Directors was held on August 6 and 7, 27 in order to discuss its serious concerns about elements of the proposed Global Business Transformation that would include the use of the Amway brand worldwide, including North America. The Board has a great deal of ability to influence the Company and make recommendations, but does not have the right to veto a Company decision. The Company has consistently assured us that the transformation includes a profound, positive change in the way business is conducted and a major financial investment that will benefit IBOs, and that the Board of Directors will help the Company define the nature of that change. In our Special Meeting, we believe we achieved consensus with the Company that the proposed changes need to be introduced very gradually, over the next 18-24 months, and in a manner which truly protects IBO interests. We will continue to do all we can going forward to influence the Company’s decisions on this and other subjects.

Quixtar Business Transformation Message  Posted 7-3-7
Quixtar Business Transformation Message  Posted 7-1-7

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