Quixtar University Launched

Quixtar University, available at www.quixtaruniversity.com, has now been launched for all Quixtar Independent Business Owners. The site provides video training, PDF files and wizards to help IBOs. At present there are two areas of study available –

Basic Business Skills
Product Expertise

A third area – Getting Started – is listed as "Coming Soon".

The Basic Business Skills areas has 5 courses –

  1. Introduction to Selling and Building a Balanced Business
  2. Know the Product
  3. Prepare for the Sales Conversation
  4. Make a Successful Sale
  5. Start Selling!

Under "Product Expertise" there is currently one course, a 47min presentation on the Artistry brand. The course is excellent, I look forward to seeing the training in other areas.

All of the current material is focused on merchandising of the products to customers rather than Network Building and talks about basic and more expert sales techniques. There’s some great materials on how to set prices, how to make a good first impression. Here’s the video that kicks off the Prepare for the Sales Conversation course.

The site keeps track of where you are in each course, and has an easy link for providing feedback. There’s still plenty I haven’t had a chance to look at yet, but it certainly looks as if Quixtar University will help IBOs get started better with retailing. The various LOAs and BSM companies have tended to be excellent at teaching folk how to build a network, but weak in the sales training. Quixtar University helps fill that hole. I hope that as the company transitions to a more united global vision that the Quixtar University concept becomes available to Amway IBOs around the world.

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