Quixtar vs Team Update

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a bit fed up with the whole TEAM vs Quixtar vs TEAM debacle. Both sides have said and done some pretty ridiculous things. I think Quixtar has won the "war" so to speak, with the significant cases going to arbitration, but TEAM continues to win a few skirmishes, including one last week were Quixtar claimed TEAM was in violation of a preliminary injunction. The court (correctly in my view) disagreed.

Of the multitude of pro-TEAM blog sites that have sprung up, I’ve found one that is actually worth reading, and that’s the blog of Ron Simmons, former CEO of Legacy Group. Despite being in the thick of things Ron Simmons tries to keep as an objective a perspective as one could expect, and does a reasonable job of it. So give his blog  a read for the latest updates.
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