Quixtar/Amway Global National Spotlight Tour

A week ago I highlighted the beginning of the new Quixtar/Amway Global National Advertising campaign. Well, you have to be looking to find it, but another phase of the Transformation begins in just over a month – the Quixtar/Amway Global National Spotlight tour.

The National Spotlight events start May 9-1 in Los Angeles, and then move through Greensboro (North Carolina), Orlando, Chicago, San Francisco, Omaha, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Portland (Oregon) before finishing October 17-18 in Dallas, Texas.

So what is a National Spotlight event? According to the information buried under Home >> Manage My Business >> Transform the Future! >> National Spotlight on the Quixtar website

Something exciting is heading your way!

The National Spotlight event is traveling across the country and making a stop in a city near you. Over two days, we’ll shine the spotlight on the products and the business, including popular brands like Artistry®, Nutrilite®, and Ribbon, as well as your home care and health tech favorites. So when people ask you about Amway Global and Quixtar, you’ll have an opportunity to show them firsthand!

* National Spotlight is open to all IBOs, their prospects, and their customers. Due to liability, attendance is restricted to those 16 years of age or older. No baby-sitting facilities will be provided.
*  Attendance is free (with a suggested donation to Easter Seals taken at the door).
*  Awesome door prizes will be awarded.
*  Bring your IBO card to the event for expedited entry into event.

You can even order free postcards to promote the events. Curiously, the last date for ordering the free postcards for the first event in Los Angeles is only a little over a week away, April 16, yet I’ve not seen any mention of these National Spotlight events anywhere? They’re not mentioned anywhere I can find in any of this year’s Quixtar Achieve Magazines, nor are they mentioned under Quixtar – What’s New? Curious marketing indeed.

Have you heard about these events? Are you going?

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