Rumour has it ….

(or rumor for you Americans!)

that a certain former diamond (or above) is no longer a former diamond (or above) ….

What an interesting development.

Can anyone confirm?

Update: For those faint of heart and others impatient, has been restored to it’s former pro-Quixtar glory, sans TEAM-love and Quixtar resignation. A web hosting error? It seems not, since others tell me Double Diamonds Fred & Linda Harteis have indeed been welcomed back to the Amway Global family.

P.S. someone really needs to write a good Amway Wiki article on the trials and tribulations of the Harteis business. It seems an … uhh … interesting story.

Update II: Another well place source indicates this is indeed a simple hosting error, my other source is wrong, and Fred will never be back!

Am I or my sources being used to mess with the minds of Team?

Dive into the forums and discuss this most interesting news!

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