SA8 – it doesn’t only clean the best, it’s better for you!

SA8 recently topped Consumer Reports analysis of washing detergents but received some criticism for it’s pricing. I think the CR comparison was a little unfair, as they chose the smallest package of SA8 (and thus most expensive) and took the instructions for more heavily soiled loads, whereas some of the competitors simply say “use more” and thus were apparently tested with less detergent.

Even accounting for this, SA8 will tend to be a little more expensive than most competitors. I work it out at 19 cents per wash for the standard SA8 package , with normal use at members pricing. Now, it quite obviously is the best cleaner, but there’s more to SA8 than just it’s cleaning power! It’s up to Amway and Quixtar IBOs to educate their customers about why it’s better, and below is one suggested demonstration

As you can see from the demonstration, SA8 rinses out better than the competitors, leaving less residual in your clothes. Why is this important? Well, one of the main jobs of detergents is to break down fats. Every cell in your body has fat in the cell wall. Your nerves are coated in fat, which protect and insulate the nerve cells. Your brain is more than 60% fat. Fat is an essential part of your body. While we don’t want too much of “bad fats” such as saturated fats and trans-fatty acids, we do need “good fats”. Detergent can’t tell the difference. Think about what happens when you put some dish washing liquid in a pan where you’ve been cooking with fats or oils. Now imagine that happening to the cells in your body! While not quite so dramatic, research has linked detergent residuals in clothing to a range of health issues, in particular allergies. Similarly, one can look at water softeners, often added to detergents to help cleansing. Water softeners are usually salts like Sodium or Pottasium. Both are corrosive to your clothes and your skin. SA8 might cost a few cents extra, but it cleans the best, it’s better for you, better for your clothes, and better for your families health. I know what’s most important to me, so my choice is clear.

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4 thoughts on “SA8 – it doesn’t only clean the best, it’s better for you!”

    1. Frankly, if Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) says cyanide is bad for you, I’d go and double check it. His website is full of complete nonsense, and so is that article. Which isn’t to mean Amway products aren’t a class above the rest, healthwise. They usually are!

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