Scott Larsen and profitability – wrong again.

Noted Amway and Quixtar critic Scott Larsen has a new post up last week about “profitability”. Now, the post actually has some good advice, for both individual IBOs and their upline. As noted on Beth Dornan’s Inside Quixtar Blog on the Quixtar Opportunity Zone, net profitability for IBOs should be a primary goal. What’s the point of being a platinum, or even a diamond, if you’re still broke? Profitability is a matter of getting income higher than expenses, and many IBOs do not properly keep track of either. It’s quite simple – treat it like a business, it works like a business.

One line however struck me in his post –

However when it comes to evaluating the distributor’s net financial performance, the individual Quixtar distributor is always alone.

No “some” Quixtar distributors, no “most“, just an absolute statement of fact – the individual Quixtar distributor is always alone in determining profitability. The whole post in general implies that upline have very little interest in helping IBOs determine profitability.

Quixtar tax specialist Joe DePetrisThe problem is, this statement completely and utterly ignores the fact that for several years the Quixtar IBOAI has promoted a book called IBO Bookkeeping , by CPA Joe DePetris, and since 2005 they have offered the entire book online on the IBOAI website – free of charge! The book includes some template business plans, keeping track of income and expenses, and of course, how to calculate net profitability.

Who is the IBOAI? Well, it’s IBO representatives from all sorts of lines of sponsorship and different IBO organizations. In otherwords – upline. Yup – these same upline that Larsen claims aren’t interested in helping you calculate your net profitability are providing free tools for you to do exactly that!

So much for IBOs being alone.

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