Seth Godin’s Tribes – Free!

Just a quick post. A few weeks ago author Seth Godin released a new book, Tribes. It’s a fascinating look at modern marketing. Along with the book, Audible.Com has also released an audio version of it – free of charge! Now that’s an interesting marketing technique.

I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but so far I strongly recommend it. Many of his insights are incredibly applicable to Amway and the world of network marketing.

Get the audio book from Audible here

6 thoughts on “Seth Godin’s Tribes – Free!”

  1. rdknyvr,

    I’ve only listened to 15 minutes and I’d have to say it’s hard for me to multi-task with this one. It is simple yet deep enough that I wanna take notes.

    I think it’s a great marketing strategy–free audio download of the whole book–because already I would like to buy the book and see the words in print. 🙂

  2. thanks for the heads up on this.

    Godin’s earlier book ‘The Dip’ is also a good read for network marketers

  3. You get a 3h 43min free download of the book, read by Seth himself, after you register with the the company. All they ask when you “set up an account” is your name and an email. If you don’t want to also give permission to the company to send you “email updates” etc. be sure to click these options off.

    I’m listening to it in iTunes as I write, and do other work… the audio is easy to listen to, moderately paced so you don’t have to stop everything else you’re doing to follow it.

    Interesting marketing strategy… free download of the WHOLE book.

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