Simply Nutrilite Advertisements

A few weeks ago Quixtar in North America launched an exciting new Nutrilite sub-brand called Simply Nutrilite. Unusually for direct selling, and very unusually for Amway/Quixtar, the launch has been accompanied by some traditional advertising. According to –

Simply Nutrilite™ began running print ads in September in Time and People magazines. O, The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Health, and Cooking Light picked up the campaign in October. You’ll also find Simply Nutrilite banner ads appearing online at these websites: MSN, Yahoo!, Blue Lithium, iVillage,,, and

You can find Simply Nutrilite ads in November’s issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, due out on 1/16, November’s Health magazine also due out on 1/16, the November issue of Cooking Light due out on 1/23, November’s Real Simple magazine due out 1/22, and the 11/5 issue of Time magazine due out 1/26.

Over on Ads of the World it’s reported that the creative team behind the team is from the somewhat unorthodox Brooklyn Brothers outfit in New York. Specifically –

Advertising Agency: Brooklyn Brothers, New York, USA
Executive Creative Director: Guy Barnett
Art Director: Alice Calvacante
Copywriter: Mike Pierantozzi
Illustrator: Alice Cavalcante

So far I’ve found 4 print advertisements and one brief animation. Here’s the print ads (click for large versions) –

Simply Nutrilite - Brain Surgery Made Simple Simply Nutrilite - Cloning Made Simple
Simply Nutrilite - Rocket Science Made Simple Simply Nutrilite - Cleaning Made Simple

Here’s the Video


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