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Amway to open in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan

Following last week’s news reports that Amway Vietnam is scheduled to open in 2008, a report in Indian news media quotes Amway India Managing Director William S Pinckney as saying –

“the company will start exporting to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan from India within the next couple of years.”

Given the current political turmoil in Pakistan, and to a lesser extent Nepal and Sri Lanka, this is somewhat surprising news. IBOs should note that market openings have often slid years passed their originally planned dates – so don’t start booking any tickets just yet! Still, it might make for smart business to start talking to ex-pats from those countries sooner rather than later. In the past it has often been folk who have learned to properly build the business in their adopted countries who then return to their home countries and build the most successful Amway businesses there.

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