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Amway Europe Average Incomes


Amway Europe has apparently finally calculated and released some average monthly income statistics for various levels of the business in Europe. These figures were for September 2007 to August 2008 and it’s of note that for 2009/10 (and perhaps ongoing) Amway has raised many bonuses 25%-100% for most platinums and above. Note: afaik they don’t include any profit from personal retailing nor additional incentives such as free trips.

  • Founders’ Platinum €2,434
  • Founders’ Emerald  €4,668
  • Founders’ Diamond €11,271

Not bad money for a part-time business! I’ve heard reports other Amway markets have started to report this kind of information as well. Amway North America has done it for years, though I haven’t seen updated statistics for a long time. If anyone has updated statistics for their market, I’d love to see them.

Amway UK Price Comparisons

I gave Amway Scandinavia a bit of a slam the other day for some of their partner store pricing and it provoked some interesting comments. What seems clear is some markets seem to do a good job of setting up good deals for ABOs, others are not so good at it. I’m curious as to how these deals are setup and who is consulted. My feeling is if it’s not obviously a good deal when a new ABO or prospect looks at it, then the deal shouldn’t be done at all. It matters – I’m sure I’m not alone amongst ABOs in having had prospects return waving printouts of supposed “price comparisons” done by anti-Amway zealots and claiming the whole thing was a rip-off. I’m fundamentally lazy – why make Amway harder than it has to be?

So, in the interests of making it easier, and a more positive note for Amway Europe, here’s a price comparison I did recently (2009-08-20) of a range of Amway products in the UK. I did the comparison after a critic I was engaged in debate with claimed that with outlets like Tesco and ADSA –

“(the price of) Amway products (in the UK) are so out of kilter as to be ludicrous.”

I had no idea if he was right or wrong, so I thought I’d go and look. Here is what I found, and my response …. Continue reading Amway UK Price Comparisons

Amway Europe joins the Opportunity Zone

Cindy Droog, web PR specialist for Amway Global (yes, Amway has a “web PR specialist!) revealed on twitter earlier today that Amway Europe was about to join the blogging world, with a new blog on the Amway Global Opportunity Zone.

The blog is now up. It’s author is Andrew Rhodes, Offline Communications Manager for Amway Europe. Is he going to need a new title now he’s joined the online community?

It’s great to see Amway expanding the blogs outside of North America and I look forward to seeing what Andrew has to contribute. I encourage ABOs throughout Europe to join the conversation! The first thing they might want to talk about is why most of the Amway western europe websites have been up and down for several days!  🙂

Amway Europe’s first corporate blog?

Amway Scandinavia, or more specifically Amway Denmark, has launched what I think is Amway Europe’s first corporate blog, focused on Amway’s sponsorship of the 2008 Nordea Danish Tennis Open. The blog is written by Mette Henius, External Affairs Coordinator for Amway Scandinavia.

It’s great to see Amway Europe getting some blogs going. As I’ve mentioned in numerous posts, I think getting more “positive” information on the internet is crucial to Amway’s reputation globally.

Still, I have to say the first step is somewhat disappointing. Not in the content or what the blog is about, but how it has been executed. It might be a great tool for communicating with IBOs or the media about the event, but as an aid to improving Amway’s reputation on the ‘net, it’s a dud. Why? Well, for a start, let’s look at the web addresses –

Continue reading Amway Europe’s first corporate blog?

Barnes & Noble to promote Artistry

The following news was posted this week on Quixtar.com –

Barnes & Noble partnership will introduce new customers to Artistry brand

Samples of Artistry essentials soothing creme to be shipped with every online customer order.
A complimentary Artistry® essentials soothing creme Sampler Card will be packed into every Barnes & Noble order placed online starting September 11. The promotion is expected to run for about three weeks until Barnes & Noble fulfills 293,000 orders.
A sticker is being placed on every sample that directs consumers to order from their Independent Business Owner, visit www.artistryessentials.com, or call 800-253-6500.The order stuffer is intended to raise awareness about the great products available through your business and the Artistry essentials brand. Make sure you and your downline are raising the awareness level with friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances, so that when a Barnes & Noble customer is looking for a way to connect with an IBO – they’ll know just who to contact!

This is an interesting and innovative marketing approach! Checking the Barnes & Noble 2007 Annual Report, www.barnesandnoble.com receives over 138 million visits annually and had US$476,870,000 in sales in 2007. As the release above states, that means around 293,000 order in just 3 weeks – all of whom will be receiving complementary Artistry samples! Fortunately a google of Artistry turns up a positive view of the brand, unlike what happens if you google Amway where the results have been well and truly hijacked by the anti-Amway zealots.

This type of promotion, along with the upcoming Amway Global Tina Turner Live tour, accompanied by the Nutrilite and Artistry buses and the Amway Global Now You Know television and newspaper campaign, really encourages Amway Business Owners to be proud of their association with Amway, and to ensure their social network knows of their business.

I’m eager to see what the come up with next, and particularly eager to see what Amway in Europe has in mind, where they are looking for a direct marketing agency to support business owners.