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Amway Global 2008 sales revealed

Back in February, Amway reported their 2008 sales at $8.2 billion globally. In a break from previous years, the data for Amway Global/Quixtar  in North America was not reported separately. In what was clearly a bit of spin, Amway PR explained they were moving away from reporting individual market data. The US press releases rarely mentioned individual international data in the past, and many Amway affiliates around the world have continued to release their sales data. Quite obviously, Amway Global’s sales (confusingly, Amway Global is actually only Amway North America) must have suffered in the continuing fallout from the dispute with TEAM, as well as the initially unpopular decision to revert Quixtar back to the Amway brand.

Well – now we know. Last week it was announced that Amway Global has again been ranked the #1 online Health & Beauty retailer by Internet Retailer. This is the sixth consecutive year Amway has topped these rankings, with an astounding market share of nearly a third. Hidden in the press release though, it was reported that Amway Global’s sales were $904 million in 2008, a drop of nearly 10% from 2007 sales of just over a billion, which were themselves a 4% drop from Amway North America’s best ever year in 2006.

With the publicity surrounding Amway’s 50 year anniversary, and the Orlando Magic’s challenge for the NBA Championship at Amway Arena, as well as other great initiatives like the Amway Global LA Sol and San Jose Quakes, it’s clear to me that the decision to move back to the Amway name was the right one, though as I said in February, it will probably take a few years to really have an effect.

UPDATE: Please read this post for important new information – Amway Global sales up 5% in 2008?

New amway.com site launched

Amway has finally launched the new amway.com website in time for the 50th anniversary celebrations later this month. The site is a well needed improvement on the old one, but to be honest, as an international Amway IBO I’m a little disappointed. It appears to me as if Amway.com has stopped representing the global Amway business and instead primarily represents Amway Global, as Amway North America is now known. The most obvious way this has happened is with the site logo – no longer Amway, it’s Amway Global.

Now, if one clicks on the country name or language on the top right of the site, you are provided with a link to other countries sites, but if you want US or Canada, then Amway.com is it. For one example of the North American specifity of the site, it mentions in a number of places the monthly bonuses from “3% to 25%”. As far as I’m aware the only place Amway goes to 25% on the monthly rebate scale is North America – everywhere else it tops out at 21%. Or click on “Start a Business” and “Find an IBO”, you’re provided with a contact form – it doesn’t even ask your country. Nutrilite is mentioned, but nowhere is Nutriway mentioned, the brand name in a number of Amway markets. “Shop Online” takes you to the old Quixtar site. Etc, etc, etc. The site is clearly targeted towards North America.

In my opinion one of Amway’s strengths in the past has been the independence of local market affiliates to adjust the Amway business model as necessary for local conditions. In today’s world however, the world is becoming “smaller” and more interconnected. Amway in North America has wanted to take advantage of Amway’s global reach and business possibilities to enhance the reputation of Amway in North America, yet well over two thirds of Amway business owners are outside of the US and Canada, and Amway.com no longer represents them.

In it’s attempts to become more internationally flavoured with the Amway Global moniker in North America, Amway strangely no longer has a website representing Amway globally.

Another area I’d like to see addressed is under “leadership”. The Amway site, like the old one, lists the corporate leaders under this heading, but nowhere are the thousands of Amway’s field leaders mentioned. While corporate leadership is clearly important, field leadership is arguably even more important. The Amway Wiki website is now approaching 20,000 visits a month, and the majority of those visits come from people googling the names of various Amway Diamonds and above. At present Amway itself provides next to no public information, or even acknowledgement, of them. Last year Amway promoted a 50th anniversary book that would list the stories of all Amway Diamonds. I’ve heard no more about the book but I’m hopeful someone in the corporation has been smart enough to put it all together for a public website as well. If not, there’s still time! 🙂

Amway’s love affair with football continues

Hot on the heals of the Amway Global’s San Diego Quake’s sponsorship and Nutrilite’s 3 year extension as title sponsor of the Canadian Soccer Championships, today comes the news they’re sponsoring the new women’s professional soccer league team the Los Angeles Sols. You can read the press release on Amway Watch, as well as the LA Sols home page, which includes the cool photo to the left :). I’m still trying to work out what the heck Kobe was doing there, but hey, he looks good next to those Amway logos! The gal standing next to (below?) him is Marta Vieira de Silva, a Brazilian striker and widely considered the best player in the women’s game.

Alticor and Amway Sales Growth: 1960 to 2008

This is an update of a graph I did last year for AmwayWiki

Amway global sales were reported at “estimated retail” until 2000 when the holding company of Alticor was formed. This means they’re valued assuming that they were all sold at the full retail price, not at the price they were sold to distributors/IBOs. Alticor reports actual revenue – sales at the base IBO price. I’ve converted the figures so they can be properly compared. It’s important to be aware of this as many critics of the business (including some former Diamonds who you would think know about this) have in the past conveniently ignored the change in reporting standards and tried to claim Amway’s sales peaked in 1998. Note however that Alticor sales includes revenues from other sources such Access Business Group and Amway Grand Plaza. In 2007 this was reported as around $100 million, so by far the majority of the sales are through the Amway business opportunity.

Amway 2008 Sales figures – a few comments

Amway’s official sales press release was issued today and confirmed what was already publicly stated by Rich DeVos last FridayAmway’s global sales for 2008 were $8.2billion – up 15% on Amway’s 2007 sales of $7.1 billion.

In a break from previous years, data for no individual markets or regions has not been separated out other than to say there was strong growth in Russia, China, and India and that overall 2/3 of Amway’s 58 affiliates recorded sales increases. This works out to 39 affiliates with growth and 9 either flat or decreasing. In 2007 it was reported that 39 out of 55 markets increased sales. I’m a little confused by the change in the number of affiliates as the only new market to open was Amway Vietnam. It’s possible that in markets like Scandinavia, which covers 4 countries, have been considered separately. Continue reading Amway 2008 Sales figures – a few comments

Amway Global/San Jose Earthquakes Slideshow

The Earthquakes have a great slideshow up of yesterday’s press conference announcing their new partnership with Amway Global. The new jersey’s look great … check out the giant 30ft inflatable version!

Click image for slideshow

According to a post by David Vanderveen on Facebook, XS Energy is also now the official energy drink of the San Jose Earthquakes!

Quakes, Amway Global reach sponsorship deal

Amway Global to sponsor Earthquakes jerseys as part of agreement

source: http://web.mlsnet.com/news/team_news.jsp?ymd=20090127&content_id=214090&vkey=pr_sje&fext=.jsp&team=t110

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The San Jose Earthquakes and Amway Global announced a historic three-year partnership agreement Tuesday that will include Amway Global’s name on the front of the Earthquakes jerseys beginning in 2009. The partnership also features a number of in-stadium, community and grassroots components that will provide greater visibility for both the Earthquakes and Amway Global. Continue reading Quakes, Amway Global reach sponsorship deal