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Accreditation update

Over on Amway Talk it was noted that Amway Global/Quixtar has extended the accreditation deadline until the end of September. In the meantime, a quick check on the Quixtar website reveals that Jim & Margee Floor’s INA organisation has now been accredited. The INA article on Amway Wiki is a little lacking on information, if anyone can help, particularly with information on INA US leaders, please feel free to register and contribute!

The Quixtar website also lists the following new individuals as accredited –

John & Lori Dipaola, Tom & Robin Joseph, Randy and Kathleen Wolfe, Charlotte Maaskant Trust, Bob & Mary Smiley, Phil & Kathleen Wolf, Bill & Myrna McDonald, PTM Enterprises LLC, DD-120 Ltd

Are you on Facebook?

Frankly I’m not sure if Facebook is a passing fad or will actually be a useful tool. I’ve found it to be an awful good time-waster, but on the other hand I’ve also managed to renew contact with a bunch of old friends. What do you think?

For those of you who are IBOs and ABOs I recently found a new “official” Facebook Group for Amway Global IBOs and Employees. I while back I also started a The Truth About Amway FaceBook Group. How “useful” they are, I’ve no idea, but if you’re on Facebook, why not join? Or perhaps you agree, as I do to a certain extent, with this classic video –

More accredited organisations and IBOs

Amway Global has now named more accredited organisations and IBOs. The newly accredited organisations are Brad & Vera Doyle’s I-Team USA, Global Business Alliance (GBA) and International Connection (IC). I’m not sure who is with the latter two organisations. I heard last year that IC had merged into Network TwentyOne, it may be that some leaders elected to remain as their own independent organisation. Can anyone help with information?

Amway Global also named a number of individual IBOs as being accredited. The list so far –

Jeff Paullin, Terry & Donna Gallian, Andrea Clark, Janette & Milo Wilcox, Alyn & Geraldine Sovak, Wade and April Cowart, Diane Fahrenkrug, Brett and Rebecca Barlow, KBBT, Inc., Jorge & Nessa Gutierrez, BIJA of Sarasota, Alan & Lori Mitchell, Norma Buttrick Teerman & John Teerman, John & Pam Marta, Holpp Enterprises, Inc., Eastburn & Associates, Inc., Don & Janice Berman, Ray and Judy Clem, Maureen Minaudo, Robert & Eva Chavez

Congratulations to all! The accreditation process I believe will lead to a more professional reputation for Amway.

Britt WorldWide, Team-One, Vision Global achieve Accreditation

September 1, 2008 was the deadline for North American Amway Global business owners to either be personally accredited or to be part of an accredited organisation. Accreditation requires the organisation or individual to pass a range of “quality control” criteria to ensure they are teaching and implementing “Best Practices”.

IBOs and IBO organizations who have achieved accreditation have satisfied all program criteria, including providing a professional development curriculum that includes product training and business-building components. They engage in communications that comply with the IBO Communications Platform, which can be summed up as: focus on business and “treat others as you would like to be treated.” They demonstrate a commitment to best practices and ongoing education. They offer professional development compensation plans that are transparent, written, and contractual. And, IBOs who achieve accreditation are in good standing and in compliance with Amway Global’s Rules of Conduct.

Failure to achieve accreditation may result in loss of discretionary SIP bonuses (Sales Incentive Program, formally Quixtar Business Incentives). eFinity, MarkerMan, ProSystemOne, WIN, P5, and Network TwentyOne have been accredited for some time now. As of today, the old Quixtar Accreditation website now points to quixtar.com, and some new organisations are now listed as having achieved accreditation. Continue reading Britt WorldWide, Team-One, Vision Global achieve Accreditation

XS Gold – coming September 15

A few commentators on Amway Talk have been talking about a new XS Energy product due out soon for Amway Global in North AmericaXS Gold. Bridgett over on The World According to Bridgett has brought us the information that it will be launched September 15, as well as this great video “teaser” –

No word on exactly what it is, but obviously it’s a new flavour (Gold? perhaps it’s a beer! 🙂 ). Unfortunately we don’t have XS in my part of the Amway world, so I won’t get to try it!

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Amway Headquarters Renovations

As most readers may know, 2009 is the 50th anniversary of the founding of Amway Corporation. As part of the celebrations, Amway World Headquarters in Ada, Michigan, USA is undergoing renovations. Confirming the idea that these days pretty much everyone has a blog, a message popped up on my google alerts from Erhardt Construction’s blog. Erhardt Construction is apparently responsible for the renovations. According to their post, PROJECT UPDATE – Amway World Headquarters –

The 21,000-square foot project includes interior renovation of the main lobby, auditorium, meeting rooms, clerestory gallery and adjoining spaces. The renovation is divided into three phases to allow Amway to maintain day-to-day operations.

Just to put the pressure on, it’s apparently all got to be complete by January 2009. Check out the post for a couple of nice graphics of what it will look like when complete. On the second rendering you’ll see in the background the “Founder’s Fundamentals” I mentioned in the last post.