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2007 Quixtar Qualifiers

Quixtar, Amway Global’s North American arm, recently published the Special Achievement Issue, highlighting the major recognitions for 2007. User Exwwdbibo was kind enough to add these to AmwayWiki.

New Diamonds and above for 2007 were –

45 FAA Founders Crown Ambassador

Dornan, Jim & Nancy – Georgia

Founders Triple Diamond

Kim, Seung Ho and Hyunja Kim – New York

Triple Diamond

Barry Chi & Holly Chen – Nevada

Double Diamond

Barry Chi & Holly Chen – Nevada
Winters, Larry & Pam – North Carolina

Executive Diamond

Ban, Seungpyo & Hyekyung – California
Rek, Zbigniew & Sophia – California

Founders Diamond

Chheda, Pravin & Madhu – New Jersey
Han, Youngjo & Oksoo – Ontario


Chheda, Pravin & Madhu – New Jersey
Donovan, John & Julie – Florida
Doodnauth, Dave & Shanita – Florida
Francis, Greg & Jacquie – Illinois
Kim, Soon Mi & Lee, Min Chul – New York
Ledezma, Adan & Francisca – Arizona
Lee, Jay & Jeong – British Columbia
Li, Xuan & Lu, Lucy Hua – Texas
Paik, Munju – California
Ho, Chil & Yi, Ki Suk – California


New 45FAA Founders Crown Ambassador: 1
New Founders Triple Diamond: 1
New Triple Diamond: 1
New Double Diamond: 2
New Executive Diamond: 2
New Founders Diamond: 2
New Diamonds: 1
New Founders Emeralds: 23
New Emeralds: 4
New Founders Sapphire: 33
New Sapphires: 56
New Ruby: 34
New Founders Platinum: 335
New Platinums: 544

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Alticor Global Communications Conference

Two weeks ago I received a somewhat surprising email from Alticor inviting me to participate as a guest panellist for a “blogging session” at a larger conference they are hosting for their Global Communications Personnel. Given the previous week I’d been “outed” by a well known Amway/Quixtar critic, the decision to accept the invitation was relatively easy.

I’ve still received no details on the format of the panel except that it will for around 2 hours and that the conference is in Prague, Czech Republic. Being naturally curious about who else may be attending I’ve searched around the lairs of “the usual suspects” and discovered that the somewhat notorious “Tex” has accepted an invitation. Tex being Tex he bragged of his invitation on a “Tex dedicated” blog being run by occasional IBO and professional comedian, Dave Robison, host of www.ontheroadwithdave.com. Dave too has admitted he has accepted an invitation. I’m aware of one other person who has apparently accepted an invitation, however since to the best of my knowledge they haven’t made this public.

It’s certainly an interesting invitee list, don’t you think? We know what Tex will want to talk about, there’s no doubt there. Dave Robison has had some great suggestions over the years on how Amway/Quixtar could better utilise the internet, I’m looking forward to meeting him. I’m very curious as to why certain folk were invited. As we get closer to the date I’ll hopefully have more information to share. In the meantime I’d appreciate my fellow netizens input on the matter and any topics/issues they might be interested in me raising. I’m not even sure if the format will allow that possibility, but can’t hurt to ask!

If anyone else has been invited and chosen to refuse/accept, I’d love to hear from you. I’ve been to Prague before, it’s a beautiful city, for those coming perhaps we can check out some sites and have a drink or two before or after the panel. (Yes Tex, that offer stands for you too!)

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Quixtar transformation to Amway begins

Quixtar’s public transformation into part of the Amway Global family has now begun, with the Amway Global logo now being displayed alongside a Quixtar North America logo the Quixtar home page.

Back in November, 2006 I wrote a blog post titled A Message to Quixtar, Inc from Amway Australia, in which I included the following video which had recently been published by Amway Australia –

I followed with –

This is a lesson I think Quixtar needs to listen to. Why? Well, first, Amway home page and scroll to the bottom – you will find a link titled Amway Sister Company : Quixtar Inc which links to the Quixtar-inc home page. Now, go to the home page of Quixtar – you’ll find a link Quixtar Sister Company. No mention of Amway. Visit Quixtar Facts – same thing. Quixtar News Room, Quixtar Easter Seals, Quixtar History, This Biz Now – same, same, same, same. Why is this, Quixtar? Are you ashamed to be associated with the most successful multi-level marketing company in the world ?

A few days later, Quixtar Director of Communications Beth Dornan, responded with a post Not ashamed of Amway, outlining the relationship between Quixtar and Amway and admitting to some nostalgia for Amway amongst longer-term employees. I asked in a comment in that blog if there were plans to resurrect the Amway name in the US. Beth deftly responded without answering.

Now, I’ve no idea if it was planned then or not, but in May 2007 I hinted about the news that become publicly confirmed in June – Quixtar was to become Amway.

Amazingly, even since the transformation became public, announced on Quixtar and on Quixtar Blogs, I’ve still seen  IBOs around the internet deny a connection between Quixtar and Amway. Now, in the past it has been correct to say Quixtar is not Amway, but it has never been correct to deny any connection and say they’re completely different – they’re not. In 2008 however Quixtar is becoming Amway, so to try to limit, minimize, or even deny a connection is specious to say the least. A moment’s internet research by a prospect will lead to them discovering they’ve been lied to. A great way to build a business relationships – “join with me in building a great business! By the way, as you’ve just learned, I can’t be trusted!”


Wth Stage 1 in place, the Amway name is clearly at the top of the Quixtar website. In 5 months, stage 2 will occur and Amway will become the more prominent name. In a year, Quixtar will be consigned to the history bin

One day I hope we can consign deceitful IBOs to the same place.

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