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Avon closing in Australia and New Zealand


It was less than a decade ago that cosmetic’s direct selling company was the largest and most successful direct selling company in the world, an honour now owned by Amway. This week comes the shocking news that Avon is closing down in Australia and New Zealand.

Direct selling is having significant challenges with rapid changes in technology and having to compete against the likes of Amazon and EBay, and this has been reflected in Amway’s own sales downturns the past 4 years. Something that may have turned around.

Amway Australia seems to be still having some success, with 10 new Platinums and Founders Platinums recognized last month, and recent new Diamonds Patrick and Joyce Mahakkapong and Hemant and Smitha Sahela.

Artistry, Amway’s premium cosmetic brand, continues to rank globally as one of the top 10 of all premium cosmetics brands.

It’s sad to see Avon’s struggles, but I’m sure the nearly 24,000 Avon reps in Australia may represent an opportunity for Amway?

What do you think?

Amway Australia and New Zealand launches a blog

Following on from the recent new Amway Europe blog, Amway Australia and New Zealand has now launched one as well, at http://amwayaustralia.wordpress.com/

The site author, Kevin Lowe, is currently in Grand Rapids following the Amway 50th celebrations and has a couple of videos up on the blog, including video of Australian Founders Crown Ambassadors Mitch & Deidre Sala.

UPDATE: Kevin’s now added a great video of Australian Founders Crown Ambassador Peter Cox, which I’ve embedded below