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Amway – The Power of a Positive Campaign

According to Forbes (and we know how accurate they can be), Amway Global this week launched a new advertising campaign dubbed “The Power of Positive”. I’ve not been able to find the ads published online anywhere (why not, Amway??)  but I did find the following video published by Amway IBO organisation eFinity on their FaceBook page. It’s apparently a behind the scenes type “teaser” of the upcoming campaign, probably produced by Amway to show IBO leadership. I look forward to seeing the actual ads!

Forbes Magazine promotes Amway’s anti-aging products!

Forbes.com has just posted their most recent listing of the world’s billionaires, and Amway Founder Rich DeVos is listed at #176 with an estimated net worth of $4.5 billion. What’s truly incredible though is the amazing youthful looks of the 84 year old Rich DeVos. Now, I know that Amway’s Artistry brand includes some superb anti-aging products, and combined with Nutrilite they’re unparalled – but I never realised they were this good!

For those missing the point, that’s Dick DeVos (Richard DeVos Jnr), son of Amway founder Richard DeVos. Forbes made the same mistake last year, before later correcting it. Still, at least this year they didn’t call us peddlers of a  “pyramid selling scheme”.

51 years and Amway continues to grow – $8.4 billion for 2009

Alticor, Amway’s parent company, has reported record sales of $8.4billion for 2009, a 2.3 percent increase of 2008. Real growth, accounting for currency fluctuations, was 5.9%.

Apart from Amway, the sales figures include revenue from other Alticor concerns such as Amway Hotel Corporation and recent acquisitions like Gurwitch Products and Metagenics, however the bulk of the sales is from the direct selling giant, Amway Corporation.

As noted with last years sales release, Amway is not providing breakdowns of particular markets, however they did note – Continue reading 51 years and Amway continues to grow – $8.4 billion for 2009

Independent financial expert tells Why You Should Join Amway

This has been big news in Amway circle’s for some days, and I first highlighted it over on AmwayTalk on Tuesday as well as on my Twitter channel. The news? Well known author and financial expert Robert Pagliarini, blogging on CBS MoneyWatch, wrote an article titled Why You Should Join Amway. In the post, Robert reveals that 15 years ago, while working as a counseller, he joined Amway. He was only “in” for a year, but he credits that time with significantly changing the way he thought about business and life – and that change contributed dramatically to the success he is today.

I believe Robert’s experience actually reflects that of a silent majority of people who have had an experience with Amway. They may not have made much money, but it was nevertheless a positive, life-enhancing experience. Amway opened their eyes to a world of possibilities and the idea that they could pursue their dreams. Amway isn’t for everywhere, and even for those it is for, the timing isn’t always right. As Robert explains though, Amway allows a low cost, low risk way of learning what it’s like to own your own business and points you in the right direction for getting a real-world business and financial education.

Unfortunately of course, the comments have attracted the attention of “Tex”, a well known inhabitant of any forum to do with Amway on the internet (and plenty that don’t). He’s been banned from virtually all of them thanks to obsessive, obnoxious, and sometimes downright offensive behaviour – and that behaviour is, alas, in full swing on the CBS MoneyWatch blog. I’ve had a lot of dealings with Tex and it’s my belief he’s suffering from a quite serious personality disorder and needs help. I recommend to people that they don’t attempt to engage him in debate – it’s a waste of your time and may even exacerbate his condition. He used to irritate the heck out of me, now I just feel sad for him.

So, if you haven’t already done so, check out Robert Pagliarini on CBS MoneyWatch: Why You Should Join Amway – and ignore Tex.