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Amway Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – opening for business … kind of

Despite being bordered by the likes of Amway Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Scandinavia, the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have until this week been officially excluded from the Amway family. I say officially because it’s clearly not been the case unofficially! Many times in the past decade in Scandinavia I’ve encountered citizens of those countries who had been buying and using Amway products for many years – some were even ABOs. When looking at google search trend data, Lithuania has also been, per capita, the number one country in the world for people looking for information about Amway.

Well, as of May 4, 2010. Citizens of those countries may no register with Amway Poland as “member plus“. Member plus is an option in some European markets where you can purchase Amway products at ABO price, and you can build a downline organization – but you’re not allowed to resell the products, and you can’t receive a bonus on downline volume. You can still receive a rebate on your own purchases though, which means they become cheaper and cheaper as your downline volume grows. This option is essentially available so people can get started without needing to be concerned with acquiring official business licences. They can try out the products and business, and later convert to full “Amway Business Owner” status and acquire the necessary licences. Continue reading Amway Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – opening for business … kind of