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51 years and Amway continues to grow – $8.4 billion for 2009

Alticor, Amway’s parent company, has reported record sales of $8.4billion for 2009, a 2.3 percent increase of 2008. Real growth, accounting for currency fluctuations, was 5.9%.

Apart from Amway, the sales figures include revenue from other Alticor concerns such as Amway Hotel Corporation and recent acquisitions like Gurwitch Products and Metagenics, however the bulk of the sales is from the direct selling giant, Amway Corporation.

As noted with last years sales release, Amway is not providing breakdowns of particular markets, however they did note – Continue reading 51 years and Amway continues to grow – $8.4 billion for 2009

Amway Latin America affiliates merge and launch new website

As of September 1, 2007, Amway’s Latin American affiliates – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela have merged to form one Latin America market.

As part of the merger, Lines of Sponsorship are now “consolidated” (CLOS), meaning they cross borders, much like someone in the US can directly sponsor someone in Canada into Quixtar.

Along with the CLOS a new unified website is to be launched today (September 4, 2007).

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