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The internet is not a broadcast medium

Over on the Amway Global Opportunity Zone, Amway Global lawyer Gary Vanderven has written a post Online advertising drives business. But just like on the road, rules apply regarding the rules around Amway business ownership and internet advertising. I found the following comment particularly interesting –

1. The posting of an IBO’s number and contact information in comments in blogs or online publications. This is considered non-local advertising and is prohibited by the Rules of Conduct.

What exactly entails “contact information”? It’s virtually impossible to post a comment on a site without supplying an email address and/or website. Corporate bloggers on the Opportunity Zone have even highlighted online reviews of Amway products that have included link to perzonalized websites. The Opportunity Zone itself requests commentators give a website address, and this is then linked to the commentators name on the post. The rule as just explained means that any ABO who comments on Gary Vanderven’s post and supplies a website, as requested, is breaking the rules if that link allows them to be contactable. Continue reading The internet is not a broadcast medium