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Amway’s spring cleaning – tough decisions and smart decisions

A couple of interesting changes reported out of Amway this week. The first was the opening of the new Amway Insider blog site – http://blogs.amway.com. Amway was a bit of a pioneer in the corporate blogging world when they launched first Robin Luymes Real Quixtar blog and then Beth Dornan’s Quixtar Insider blog. In December 2006 they however made what I began to think of as a strategic mistake – they launched The OpportunityZone and progressively added more and more blogs from more and more contributors.

On the face of it you might think that was a good idea, however there’s two reasons why it’s generally a bad idea to have so many blogs! First of all it’s a burden on your staff. Blog posting essentially became yet another task for what were already busy staff – and not surprisingly after various initial flurries of activity, most of the postings started to trail off in frequency. Continue reading Amway’s spring cleaning – tough decisions and smart decisions